Friday, November 16, 2012

Loki's Lacquer 3 Wise Men

Today I've got swatches of my favourite polish from the Christmas Collection by Loki's Lacquer (swatched in full here) - 3 Wise Men. It's absolutely gorgeous: gold, brown and blue/green/purple shifting translucent glitter in a clear base. This is over Darling Fifty, a taupe creme that's both edgy and subdued, and actually works with my skin tone:

And (of course) with matte topcoat:

I'm in love! The little iridescent glitters remind me of crystals as seen under a polarising microscope, and add a certain something to the otherwise neutral glitter.

Loki's Lacquer is available here, and there's an option for international shipping.

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Monica said...

So very pretty! Do you have any advice for removing glitter nail polish? Any particular nail polish remover that works the best?


beachgal said...

Really pretty - and I am not a huge glitter fan but I would wear this one in a heartbeat!

MissLanage said...

Pretties :)

@Monica - I usually hold on the remover soaked pad for two or three mins then wipe away :)

TikiBarbie said...

Cool polish!

Shelby's Swatches said...

This glitter is gorgeous!! The two colors together look great :)

Heaven Can Nail said...

It wouldn't be my favorite ^^
Sorry if there are mistakes : I'm french :-P

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