Friday, November 23, 2012

OPI: The Color of Minnie + some extra stuff :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I usually cook for my family but this year, with finals being more intense (along with classes) I decided not to put myself under the stress.

When OPI came out with their Minnie Mouse collection, I knew I would have to get a couple because... well, my online handle is minnie :) I didn't necessarily like the colors, but totally got some because of the names.

This is about 3 coats of The Color of Minnie, and there is a pink shimmer I wasn't able to get to show. I don't usually go for these polishes but golly, I love the OPI brushes!

After a day or two of just red, I decided to do some kind of 3 layer thing... I did a ruffian type layer with OPI: Excuse Moi! (3 layers) and did a ruffian from that layer with a thin black jelly I made from clear and a little bit of black polish.

I really like how it came out! The gradient was a bit more gradient-y in real life. I really like how shiny the black jelly made the manicure, too, because it's based on clear.

Finals aren't here yet but it's sooo stressful :( I'll probably be doing my nails more than I need to for the decompress time, haha.

Hope everyone is enjoying the brief Thanksgiving break!

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MissLanage said...

This is a lovely mani :)

Kerise said...

I love this manicure too. The gradient came out great.

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