Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Revlon Sparkle Aplenty

Revlon Sparkle Aplenty
The heck kind of name is "Sparkle Aplenty"? This is also another polish that I've bought during my attempted no-buy. I was waiting for a flu shot in a pharmacy and was right in my line of sight. I had to go home with something besides a sore arm. (I also bought some Good Humor popsicles.) Anyway... the polish. I found this combination of silver hex glitter suspended in black jelly kind of dull. It lacks the panache of the Lippmann glitters, which use similar combinations. The great thing about the polish is that even though it's jelly, it's pretty good to go after two coats; the above is three because I wanted more glitter. :)

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beachgal said...

I looked for this one for a super long time - no where around me got the collection in ever. I think my 'need' to look at it and maybe get it finally passed - we don't get all the collections in where I live - it's kind of spotty in all the lines that the drug store chains carry - I can find them if out of town like 500 miles to a large city and then the same drugstore chains will have all the new collections. I guess because of the low volume order sizes maybe where I live does not get 'em all en.

OPI Addict said...

Yes, this name is horrible lol
I might like this layered, but I also find it a tad dull on its own!

OPI Addict said...
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Rebecca said...

I bought this one on a no buy too! Lol. It falls a little flat for some reason. The bottle is so inviting and then on the nail... meh.

Natalia said...

Nice polish, all the Revlon's are surprisingly opaque in two coats, isn't that grat? I don't find it that dull though. I like it.
Speaking of no-buys-failed-attempts... I totally know what it is about, lol.

Sara Nail said...

I love your posts very much!
All has perfect color!

Anonymous said...

I love it personnaly! I'm a sucker for Revlon, particularly jellies with hex glitters! I haven't seen this one anywhere but if I do it'll definitely end up in my stash.

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