Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas manicures (with added whinging)

I've been super busy (writing thesis, other blog stuff) that I've been bad and left poor minnie to do all the work here! So I'm going to try to make up for it by swamping you all with Christmas cheer.

Here are some ridiculous manicures I did, in between being a general Grinch and trying to get thesis writing supplies (instant coffee and chocolate) and beauty essentials (nail polish, fifty shades of blush) at the shopping centre where everyone walks so. damn. slowly.

Four Santas to ring bells in your face and smoke outside while in their costumes, making your brain explode as you try to explain to your toddler why Santa wants cancer!

One overpriced Christmas tree that smells better burning than sitting in your house, shedding endlessly!

Showers of glitter that stay in your hair, then one night when you think it's all gone you wake up with a flake in your eye!

Woohoo Christmas! (In the background is an NMR spectrum, which is the kind of thing I've been staring at all day - you know how on CSI TV shows they shove a sample into a machine and it tells them what chemicals are in it? Doesn't work like that in real life! Instead you have poor people like me staring at graphs, trying to work out whether the number of neighbouring hydrogens makes sense, and eyeballing integrals to try to work out if it's close enough to a round number to get away with. Yeah, science!)

*grinches away*

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Monica P said...

OMG. The Santa nails are probably the CUTEST holiday nails that I've seen - ever.


minnie said...

I love the tree one!!

Samantha Ann said...

These are ADORABLE! Love them. Awesome job

Vanessa Accime said...

Oh NMR spectra, how I miss thee!!!! Not. I had to interpret cosy 2d nmr once, no fun no fun at all. Anyways I LOOOVEEE the nails!!!

Sandipa Sharma said...

Hahah love the grinchy spirit! And the NMR spectrum. Last time I saw those was when I took ochem!!

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