Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Unnamed Icing Green Glitter over Dior Amazonia

It bothers me when nail polishes don't have names...

Unnamed Icing green glitter over Dior Amazonia 

One of in a set of mini Icing glitters. Green and silver hex and square glitter in a lot of emerald green shimmer. Can't quite tell how many coats it would've taken to become opaque but this was three coats of the Icing on top of a dark green creme.

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Monica P said...

Pretty! Great for St. Patricks day on March 17th!


TikiBarbie said...

This is really pretty!

gautruc90 said...

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Amy Rachael said...

This reminds me of christmas :) also great for St Patricks here in Belfast :) Thanks for sharing!


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