Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pretty Serious Mummy Mush

Another Pretty Serious polish from the Monster Mash Halloween collection today! This is Mummy Mush - a gold chunky shimmer with a greenish blue multichrome glow that really comes out over dark colours. Over the bare nail, like in my 3 coat swatch, it's warm-toned. Given my fear of shiny shiny nails, I won't be wearing this one on its own very often, but I'll be using this in gradients and layering combos!

You can buy Pretty Serious here, and they ship worldwide, so hide your wallets now!

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TikiBarbie said...

Very pretty!

Elaine said...

I fell in LOVE with this one and the other one you swatched from the Monster Mash Collection I had to get the whole set! They are so beautiful, thanks!

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