Monday, April 8, 2013

Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle

Pretty Serious are one of my favourite boutique brands - their polishes aren't the standard chunky indie glitterbomb fare, but refined shades with excellent formulas, and the packaging is gorgeous. I've posted some of my favourites here before. Poltergeist Puddle is a new favourite that I've recently tried out from the Monster Mash Halloween collection (I posted the first one, Gargoyle Ganache, here).

It's a cool purple dense shimmer, with pink and blue sparks. I love how vivid this is! One of my top three PS polishes. This was 2 coats on its own.

This collection comes in adorable holographic green themed boxes, and are available along with all the other Pretty Serious products here (with worldwide shipping!). Customer service is awesome, and there are also eyeshadows and lip glosses available (though discontinued) - I recently picked up three eyeshadows, and they're amazing!

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Squeaky Nails said...

So gorgeous <3

Cindi said...

Love that violet color. Look how it shimmers. How wonderful that the beauty you see in the bottle turns out on your dry nails.

Kimberley said...

Very pretty!

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