Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Polish Bar: Shiny Pebbles

I'm not quite sure where I saw this polish but when I saw it, I knew that I must have it. So I purchased immediately. The mix of colors drew me in, I couldn't resist.

It's The Polish Bar: Shiny Pebbles. I love the mix of colors, different glitters and just the execution. It's a mix of various sizes of dark brown, cooper, orange and aqua hex glitters and small aqua square glitters in a white crelly base. 

This is three coats on its own -- I think I might try one coat it over a white jelly base sometime for a less busy look. I love the pop of the aqua glitters against the orange/copper and brown! Brown glitter!!!

Information: Facebook // Etsy

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Ida Rose said...

Oh you are so right! Something about that mix of colors is just calling to me. I am gonna make a side trip to Etsy now....

Melissa said...

This is now going on my wishlist for the Polish Bar. There's something about it that makes me want it! It's so different looking.

UKNailRunner said...

I love brown and aqua too! I'm following Ida over to Etsy, lol!

Shelby Gatas said...

I agree! There is something about it and I'm a sucker for unique color combos :-)
*Heads over to Etsy....*

Leah said...

Oh wow, adding that shop to my favorites!

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