Friday, July 12, 2013

glitter all over the room, pink flamingos in the pool

Working my way through the swatches on my camera (I lost my memory card reader for a while...) OPI last friday night and kiko blue crackle.



I love the glitter on this: the mix of blues is really gorgeous. Still, since I can't leave anything alone, I whacked a crackle over the top. I loved the result and had a lot of compliments at work.

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Cin O said...

I love the way the sparkly glitter peeks through the cracks. Very pretty. I love that color blue. I still love crackle finishes even though no one ever does them any more they still have a place in nail art.

Mana said...

I love this, it's so pretty, Last Friday Night is probably my favorite ever.

Fashion and Happy Things

Impoverished by Polish said...

This is such a pretty mani! I agree with both the other commenters- LFN is an all time favorite polish, and I still like crackle sometimes. :)

ilexica said...

Agreed, last friday night is so gorgeous!

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