Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Models own red sea





This is models own red sea, from their splash collection. I was good and limited myself to two of them (and by 'good' I mean 'very, very bad' since I'm meant to be on a total spending ban - oops) and this one caught my eye. It looks amazing over dark colours since the tinsel reflects all shades of red, pink and purple. This is two coats over some random dark purple (ciate something or other?) but it has a red tinted base, so it turned the purple more burgundy. I'm looking forward to wearing this combo in autumn.

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FedoraHarp said...

This is fascinatingly different on the nail from in the bottle! If you hadn't said otherwise I'd have assumed you picked up a random bottle for the sake of the swatch. I love it when polish surprises me like that :D

ilexica said...

I know, right? I expected red, but over a dark colour it's much more purple.

Andy said...

Very interesting glitter / flakies. I'll have to take a look when it eventually gets to the High St... So which other in the set did you get?

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