Monday, July 22, 2013

CrowsToes: Green Thumb of Doom

Before turquoise, I loved mint green. I had this thing about collecting all of the mint green polishes that I could possibly collect (because back then, it wasn't as common) and it still holds a soft spot in my nail polish heart.

CrowsToes: Green Thumb of Doom is perfect layered over mint green. It's a shimmery green that has a multichrome effect from green to blue to gold. The gold shimmer really shows well on the nail. I don't think my pictures quite got it, but even with my love of glitter I didn't get tired of this polish for the week that I wore it (sorry about the nail growth, heh).

Also it's showing up a little bit more aqua in these pictures, but because I used a mint green base, it was more mint green. Not sure why it's not showing up correctly, but you can definitely see the gorgeous shimmer!

Information: Facebook // Llarowe // Overall Beauty

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