Friday, August 23, 2013

Pahlish August Duo: Slow like Honey + Heavy With Mood

Hello!!!! I know I've been very remiss in making posts but finals for summer school came around, then a paper due, then I had a long week of moving. After that I was settling into my new place (aka, my parent's place, haha), school started up shortly thereafter. But anyway, I survived my last first week of law school! Yay!!

As a result of moving, I haven't been doing my nails as much. I kind of like settling into a routine for where my manicure stuff is and everything was everywhere and I was too... tired to try to set things up as I like them. Also, my picture taking setup is going to be a bit different and I had to figure that out. But I finally got around to it and now will do manicures on a more regular basis :)

This post is VERY late. It's the August duo from Pahlish, available until August 31. So, my apologies if this is the first you've seen of it.

The duo consists of two polishes, a creme with some hidden-esque shimmer and a glitter topper. I have to say, it's my favorite duo so far from the ones she has released. The nude creme is beautiful and very clean looking on my nails, and the small amount of shimmer adds a little bit of something. The glitter topper is gorgeous, consisting of gold/copper, green and black glitter in varying shapes and sizes.

full sunlight
in the shade
full sunlight, mattified
in the shade, mattified

 The color for the creme is more true in the sunlight pics.

The August Pahlish duo is available until August 31!

Information: Facebook // Etsy // Llarowe

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nailsss said...

Bling!! I love the bits of green in the polish, looks so cool!

tennnails said...

Love this polish. Really cute!

Heaven Can Nail said...

On this summer I made the same manucure with a nude base et gold glitters =)
Sorry for the words, I'm french and I don't know the vocabulary of nail art in English (except dotting tool and so on =D) ^^

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