Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ulta: Celebutante + Rainbow Honey: Magic Cake

The moment I saw the glitter polish by Rainbow Honey, I wanted it. I held off for a while, though, but finally purchased it a while ago.

The formula leaves something to be desired, but I know that's something that comes with the territory of big glitter. Of course, that means another chunky manicure. But it looked really good!

Magic Cake consists of different neon glitters, big pink hexes and square, neon blue and lime green. There's also a shimmer. It's a really fun glitter combination and with some more careful application, could look less "thick" :) I think I did one coat of Magic Cake and then started manually placing glitter afterwards.

Information: Facebook // Website

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Essie Rae iHeartPrettyPolish said...

Oh wow, this is such a cool polish!

rockbeach meme said...

love this combo look!

Pauline - omgnoodles said...

What is this?! I think I need that magic in my life!

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