Monday, September 2, 2013

Funky green! Essie Pretty Edgy + Salon Perfect Zapped + Pahlish Legra; 1956 + Girly Bits Street Magic

For some odd reason, I wanted a green manicure. With a deeper green. I dug out Essie: Pretty Edgy and actually wore it on its own for a few days. When I saw some tipwear, I decided to add some glitter on top.

I love matte glitters, and got my hands on all of the Salon Perfect matte glitters. I layered Zapped over my nails to create a gradient. It looked really cool, other than the downside that the mani looked thick on a few fingers.

I then received Pahlish: Legra; 1956 in the mail from a little haul and figured it would look cool over the whole mani, and it did. The neon green satin hex glitters and the gold circle glitters added a different dimension.

Then I added another layer of Girly Bits: Street Magic over it just for some additional sparkle.

It ended up being a lot of layers. But I love it :)

It looks pretty radioactive! It's going to be a pain to take off, though...

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