Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Own Skin - Essie Spin the Bottle

Essie Spin the Bottle has appeared on the nails of so many bloggers and YouTubers lately, and every single time I've seen it flash on the screen I've eyed it jealously. I gave in and purchased it a few days ago, and thanks to the magic of the internet, it showed up at my house yesterday. I couldn't wait to try it out!

Nudes are sometimes difficult. Many pull too pink on me, and if I'm being honest, I feel super awkward wearing light to medium pinks. Like I'm trying to masquerade as someone younger or cutesier or something. I just don't feel like me.

The good news is, this feels like me. So much like me in fact, that I had to think about where I'd seen it before. Turns out it is the more saturated sister of my favourite (until now?) nude Essie polish - Topless & Barefoot. Both have this fleshy peachiness to them that makes them much more wearable for my skin tone - which is quite yellow. Spin the Bottle is simply richer, and a tad bit warmer than Topless & Barefoot. Spin the Bottle is VERY close to my skin tone, which is a look that sometimes creeps my out, but I think it has just enough peach in it to hold its own.

Small disclaimer - the formula on Spin the Bottle is not the most excellent I've ever used. It took 3 thin coats - which is what I do for most things - but application was a little worrying and streaky until I got to that final coat.

L-R: Essie Spin the Bottle; Essie Topless & Barefoot

As you might be able to see from the bottle shot, I've used about a third of Topless & Barefoot already. I see Spin the Bottle being an equal staple in my collection, despite the sub-par formula. Sometimes it's hard to find a nude that makes you comfortable in your own skin - I found this, and I'm sticking with it!

What's your favourite nude right now?


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Noelle said...

I've been loving Butter London's Yummy Mummy for over a year now. It's the perfect neutral-but-not-quite-nude tone! Beautiful formula too.

kittytokaren said...

Ooo that looks like a stunning cafe-au-lait type nude! Good to hear the formula is nice - I don't think I've ever tried BL! Maybe I should...

thechichicho nails said...

i love topless and barefoot! Now i wanna give this one a try.

kittytokaren said...

I think if you love T&B, you'll love this one too! Please report back - I'd love to hear how you get on. :)

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