Saturday, May 16, 2015


Recently I've been wearing a lot of previously posted favourites, so I haven't had much new to share. Sometimes I get into a rut with a polish or two and just fall madly in love - when that happens I just don't want to wear anything else. Maybe I should do a round-up post of my favourite spring polishes...let me know if that appeals to you!

That being said, I've been working really hard at my new job recently (but I LOVE it!) and I decided I needed a treat. I've had my eye on the Victoria Beckham Nails Inc polishes for a little while, and I thought that one of those would be a perfect luxe present to myself to celebrate one month on the job. I picked "Judo Red". The light pink looked nice and neutral, but the idea of a chic tomato-red polish just felt more special and celebratory. I imagined it as a beautiful accent to all of my monochromatic clothes. (Seriously, taupe is a "colour" to me.)

Too bad it's not tomato red on me but carrot orange instead.

This picture doesn't represent it's full level of orange-ness. In most lights, it strongly resembles OPI A Roll in the Hague (post here). If it looked like this photo in real life, I would be over the moon. THRILLED. Alas, it does not. 

Not that orange polish isn't lovely. It is! In this case, the dream and the reality just didn't match up. My skin tends to make warm things look even warmer, and that might be the case here.

I am not a big returner of makeup (clothes are another story). I am one of those people who researches a purchase to death before taking the plunge, and I hate knowing that the items I return are typically destroyed, per store policy. And I NEVER (repeat: NEVER) return nail polish. If it's not love, I usually find a friend to adopt it. However, this one was so pricey, it's going back. Plus, I've already identified it's replacement: Chanel Coquelicot. It looks to be a touch deeper and one step redder, and perhaps it will be my ideal tomato-red polish!

Tomato, tomato. Perhaps the colour just isn't for me?


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Deborah said...

The spring polish favorites round up sounds like fun to read!

Laikabear said...

I'd love to see your favorites for spring!

Anonymous said...

Nice color!

Lily Smith said...

Oh, you can make some really beautiful manicures with this polish!

EJSelf said...

OPI Tasmanian Devil made me do it is my favorite hot tomato. I'm very pale with a gold undertone so my skin tends to throw things a tad warm too.

Ewa said...

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Sandi said...

CND's Tabloid is a gorgeous tomato red on me, despite the fact that reds often pull too warm on me too. Although CND'S doesn't make their original polish formula anymore, bottles of Tabloid are still available for a few dollars. Glad to see you've continued the red adventure. ;)

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Kionna West said...

Spring faves would be awesome

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