Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OPI Glitzerland

I have been holding back on posting this for months because I wanted to swatch more of the OPI Swiss collection (the few that I bought anyway). But I wore Diva of Geneva for a good three or four days when I went to New York in October and it just wasn't as special as I thought it'd be... and that kind of put me off of swatching any more of the OPI Swiss collection. (Like I said, I only have a few from it so it's not like it was going to be a comprehensive post.)

OPI Glitzerland

Somewhat sheer for three coats. It's a nice pale gold but nothing too special. It does have some very subtle microglitter variation in it (some gold, some bronze, some silver) which makes it a little more interesting to look at.

Closeup of OPI Glitzerland

The quarter is officially over after this week. Thank heavens. I feel like I've gotten nothing done. (This is probably not helped by the fact that I managed to play Rock Band 3 waaaaay too much in the last six weeks. Named my band "big3free". Because the name "toluene" was taken. Which is sort of the opposite of B3F.)

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Jamie K. said...

rofl :D hehe nice post! im still wondering what shades to get from Swiss... hmm.

Lucy said...

This gold is an okay one. I believe I only bought one polish from this collection. Lately I've bought more polish from the drug store.

kittytokaren said...

Love this on you flinty!! I think its a really flattering gold :)

flinty said...

@jamie: I was not overly impressed with Swiss. I probably could've passed on most of it and wouldn't have even noticed.

@lucy: drugstore polishes are really stepping up their game, I've been buying quite a few myself in recent months!

@k2k: thanks!! :D

Kajalpennan said...

Tobad it's sheer. It's pretty tough

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