Monday, December 6, 2010

OPI Golds! Gift of Gold vs. Dazzled by Gold vs. Bring on the Bling

What with all the ruckus over the new Ulta-exclusive OPI polishes, I thought I should show you the one that I really really wanted and was lucky enough to get - OPI Gift of Gold! Since I know people have been curious, I wanted to snap some comparison shots for you lovelies.

First of all, I think OPI brings out their best polishes for these Ulta exclusives. Dazzled by Gold is possibly the greatest gold polish of all time (see my fangirl raves here and here), and this year's offering - Gift of Gold - does not disappoint either.

HOWEVER - it is NOT a Dazzled by Gold dupe! (Disappointing, because I wrote to OPI several times asking them to re-release DbG.)

Index: OPI Bring on the Bling
Middle: OPI Gift of Gold
Ring: OPI Dazzled by Gold
Pinky: OPI Gift of Gold

Dazzled by Gold has a foil-y shimmer-y difficult-to-describe finish that glows, and that these photos fail to capture (it is dreadful and snowing here in NC - can you believe it!?). Gift of Gold is quite different in that it is a true glitter polish. It appears to have different shades of gold glitter plus a small amount of copper glitter that helps to make the polish multi-dimensional. I also feel that the glitter is finer than that of Bring on the Bling (from the Burlesque collection - which I have been really enjoying on my toes lately!), but that may just be an optical illusion. The gold colour of Bring on the Bling is much cooler-toned and less yellow than the other two polishes, and it has multi-coloured glitter in it as well.

Bottom line - is Gift of Gold similar to Dazzled by Gold??
Yes - in that it has the same yellow-gold tone.
No - in that it is a vastly different finish.

Are they both gorgeous and worth owning? For a gold fanatic like me, you bet!

Snatch this one up while you can, friends!


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Unknown said...

Really loving "Gift of Gold"!

Sia said...

Loving this. I think this will be my Christmas present to myself. Thanks for sharing. Love Sia x

Tessa said...

I lke bring on the bling more. It's more chunky :)

x0x0 Tessa

Grace said...

No Ultas in NYC :( Factoring in a zipcar and a trip to Jersey would put the cost of this polish somewhere near $50. It's pretty, but it's not $50 pretty. Sad, but I have my Burlesque glitters to soften the blow.

Karla said...

Seeing Gift of Gold next to Dazzled by Gold makes me like Dazzled by Gold that much more. *sigh I'm going to pass, but I do have Boom Boom Pow by Deborah Lippmann that I'm going to try soon. :)

Bunny Masseuse said...

GOLD for it! by Piggy Polish isn't a bad try for DBG either...

kittytokaren said...

@Jennifer Leigh - Me too!!

@Sia - It is very holiday appropriate so I think that would be quite fitting! And you're welcome. :)

@Tessa - Bring on the Bling definitely feels more chunky. Like I said, it has been on my toes ever since I got it!

@Grace - Ouch that is a high cost. Maybe swapping if you really want it??

@Karla - *sigh* I know right!? DbG is just the greatest gold polish ever. Love it. Lemme know how you like Boom Boom Pow...I've been curious about that one!

@Bunny Masseuse - Hmmm never seen that one! Will have to check it out!


Unknown said...

Hey! I saw these in my Ulta and was not sure about them, now I need to go back and get them! Where in NC are you? We had snow as well, I am right by Lake Norman.

Lucy said...

I saw on another blog that the Ulta Exclusives are gold, purple and red. Exactly like last year. I know they're different shades but still! I wanted Dazzled By Gold but I never got it. Think I'll skip this years also.

kittytokaren said...

@Polish Pauper - Hey there! I'm actually in Carrboro/Chapel Hill. And its freeeeeezing now!!

@Lucy - Yep they used the same colour story. The only one I wanted was the gold one though!


amanda said...

i'm kind of mad at you right now because these pictures made me drive almost 45 minutes to my nearest ulta today to buy gift of gold. and since i drove that far, i had to make the best of it so i spent around $70 on various polishes. i forgive you though.

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