Monday, May 16, 2011

Comparison of Zoya Breezi and Sephora by OPI Slushied

This is why you should never de-dupe your collection by just looking at bottle color.

Zoya Breezi (Summertime, 2011) and Sephora by OPI Slushied (Glee, 2011)
OK. So Breezi looks a tad bit darker than Slushied, right? I mean, maybe if you look really closely, you could think that Breezi may look a tad more teal than Slushied. (Btw, thanks to my SO's mom for Slushied. It's awesome.)

From left to right: Slushied, Breezi, Slushied, Breezi
Seriously, this is not a weird camera quirk. They looked this different on the nail. They're barely even in the same color category (in my head -- granted, my head subdivides the rainbow into about a hundred colors). Slushied is this bright creme that falls somewhere between azure and cyan. Breezi is closer to a very blue teal and it's almost got a bit of a jelly squish to it. Both applied extremely well: two coats each.

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Bowleena said...

Definitely a good example of why not to de-dupe your stash by looking at the bottles - so true!!

KarenD said...

So far I've played it really safe by not de-duping my stash at all--but I really need to start since I've got serious storage issues.

Anutka said...

Thanks for comparing!
Would have thought these two the same as well!

The Phalanges Friend said...

Woahhh. That is weird! I like Breeze best though.

Lesley said...

I find a lot of Zoya cremes dry much darker than they appear in the bottle. Still lovely though.

Fiona said...

Weird!! I also like Breezi better!! :)

Lucy said...

Really very different. Even to the non-polish lover they would look different. I'm turning my girlfriends mind into seeing slight differences between polishes. I bought two Sephora OPI's whose names I can't recall. One is a Khaki something or other. Well I thought I'd mistakenly ordered the same polish. My girlfriend said "no way, you can see the difference". One has a slight silver shimmer to it when I looked closer. I was so proud of her. Another one turned to the polish side!

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