Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Illamasqua Purity

I checked out the Toxic Nature collection and really wasn't that wowed. However, Illamasqua had a 20% off sale, and there is nothing like a sale to persuade me I want something. I do like the fact that Illamasqua hold such regular customer sales, plus the 10% off I always get for being a repeat customer. Thumbs up there.

So here is Illamasqua Purity. A fairly standard, pretty, pale peach. The finish is very creamy and the colour is very pretty and fresh and definitely name-appropriate. However, I had issues with application and wear. It is very thick but also a little streaky, so even after two thick coats the coverage was a little sparse in places. (And with this polish, thick coats is all you're gettin', because it's so gloopy). I had major chips by day two, which is very unusual with an Illamasqua polish. I like the colour, but the formula? Not so much.

Any Illamasquas you're keen to see? I have quite a few of them. Also: a hoarding problem. But we won't go there.

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yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Now THAT is organization....wish mine looked that nice. LOL


Unknown said...

Hahah "quite a few", indeed!

I'm loving this shade...it's a bit like Peachy Keen(ChG) , isn't it?

The Phalanges Friend said...

This looks so beautiful on you.
Toooo bad about that formula though. smh!

Piff said...

Raindrops if you have it.

Une Ruxi à Paris said...

wow impressive!!

Angie said...

Baptiste or velocity?

Grace Thomas said...

@ yardsticks - it looks organised for now! Give it a few weeks of mussing ;)

@ Rose - yeah, that's more or less my significant other's reaction, ha. It does look it from swatches although sadly I don't own the CG to compare, sorry.

@ Chaos - thank you! Yes, I was a sad panda over it. I'll use it for pedis though, it's more worth the faff.

@ Piff - yep, will do that ASAP. I've not used it yet so good to have an excuse.

@ Une Ruxi - thanks ;)

@ Angie - I have velocity (not baptiste), I will try to use it very soon, it's a gorgeous colour.

Ruthy said...

I never get the 10% repeat customer discount and I even went to their school on a two day course :s gotta love Illamasqua polishes though, I have 13 (the most I have from one specific brand)

Kacey said...

Wow, what a stellar Illamasqua collection! I would personally love to see a comparison of Muse to other light teals on the market (especially Cult Nails' new Let Me Fly, if you ordered it!)

Di said...

I've heard about the weirdness with the current collection. Have you tried a Sesche Restore to see if that fixes the gloopiness?

Sia said...

I bought a colour just like this today. lOVE IT! x

Lucy said...

I think if anyone saw our polish collections we'd be asked to go on Hoarders. I was tempted to buy some polishes but I'd already been buying to many other things. Would you ladies ever do some photos of your polish collections? I'm always on the lookout for any new ideas to store mine.

Grace Thomas said...

@Ruthy - oh that sucks! I think I got it automatically after 3 website purchases. Maybe ring customer services? They were really helpful for me lately when I buggered up an order, exchanged my mistaken sale purchase for free.

@Olivia - thanks!

@Kacey - I don't have that one but I will see what I can do. Any excuse to wear muse.

@Di - that's a very good idea, thanks! I will see if it works. It's not unworkable, it's just a pain.

@Sia - yay! So pleased you like it! I think I'm going to save it for pedicures, which totally justifies the hassle.

@Lucy - ha ha :D I keep my OPI/CG in a paint case, it's perfect. I'll try take a shot.

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