Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inglot 913

I am trying hard not to acquire any more nail polish. Ever since I moved this summer, I've been extremely aware of exactly how much I have. And how much of it is untried! So I'm on a mission to try as many as I can without buying more. (As a result, I don't read many blogs anymore; it's too tough to resist temptation. I'm weak.)

Inglot 913

OK. I kind of lied. I bought this while I was in Montreal this summer (for a conference and to visit a dear, dear friend). But it was on SALE. Sales don't count. Right? And I've never seen any Inglot on sale... like I said, I'm weak.

I didn't recall liking this that much when I wore it back in September but it feels refreshing to see it in a photo. Pale peachy with fine white shimmer. It's just a little short of pearly and has the tiniest hint of streakiness. 3 coats, decent application.

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Desert Rose said...

It's so pretty!

Grace Thomas said...

I managed to hold off buying more for a year before going back to my old tricks over the summer. Although I just resisted a really good deal on the Nails Inc website (5 for £15!) because I just bought a replacement degree certificate. Is this what it feels like to be a grown up? I don't like it!


very very very pretty *_____*


flinty said...

Desert Rose: Thanks!

ilexica: More than a year! Wow. I can go... four months? I just broke my resolve when I saw the James Bond OPI collection in person. But I promise that that's the LAST until 2013. Except I'm so totally lying to myself.

Natalija: Thanks!

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