Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anti-feminist nail polish? :P

My ManGlaze order arrived today. I guess it's turning into one of those weeks where things just work. (I'm dreading the week that doesn't. LOL)

I'm excited about everything that's come in in the past few days and can't wait to get to swatching. However, I'm also loathe to remove a perfectly good mani and even though I did a half-assed job with ChG's Calypso Blue, it has been pretty good to me for four days. I'm not even wearing topcoat. Downside? One of the drawers of my filing cabinet is now so heavy, I've (inevitably) broken a nail opening it. See? The universe loves balance. Ah well. New Konadicures coming soon. I promise!

. . .

I've gotta say that I absolutely love the artwork on the ManGlaze bottles. It's kinda cliché in its "manliness", sure, but striking just the same. Kinda reminds me of those old MAD magazines...and a bit like the graffiti I can see from the subway. (I love graffiti art. I will likely commission a graffiti artist to paint an entire wall in my house one day.)

There is, of course, something decidedly anti-feminist about slathering one's tips and toes in a product named by its drunken creators as "ManGlaze" and inspired by just that. Of course, wearing any sort of cosmetic has often been construed as anti-feminist. Kinda makes me a walking contradiction now doesn't it? It's a good thing I don't buy into other people's definitions of what a "good feminist" ought to be... I might have to start scratching too many of my favourite things off my list.

What say you guys?
  • Love ManGlaze, love the image.
  • Love ManGlaze, hate the name.
  • Mattes aren't nail polish.
  • Nail polish? What's nail polish?

- mKat

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daydream222 said...

Love ManGlaze, HATE the name.

I honestly held off on buying ManGlazes until they took down the picture of that chained-up female drinking a bowl (with her tongue) filled with a "mysterious" white substance, which I found extremely degrading and offensive. However, I think they took the picture down (at least, I can't find it on the site anymore) and I allowed myself to buy the polishes then. But I really hate the idea that men and women should only wear certain polishes. Who cares???

My DH commented that a male on TV was wearing polish and I told him it's becoming very common now. I think companies need to drop the whole male/female designated polishes and just advertise to everyone!

Seriously, how cool would an OPI ad be with a hot guy in it???? (I think it'd be cool, but then I have no problem with guys wearing polish!).

mKat said...

The chained up female drinking a bowl of the unnamed substance is still up and featured prominently on their Facebook page (which I will admit I subscribed to as a fan.) I think their imagery walks a fine and interesting line as some people might look at that and be highly offended (as you rightly are) whereas others might look at it and find it sexually appealing. Of course an entirely separate conversation could be devoted to pornography here...

I think you're one step ahead of most with the idea that polish should be unisex. Many people have a problem with men wearing polish of any kind which, personally, I think is ridiculous. I love the thought of men in nail the extent that I've hounded the bf for years to wear it. (Hasn't happened yet though...and I daresay he's never going to let me buff his nails again.) Of course, I also love the look of men in eye bf and I don't agree on this, either. :P

Here's hoping the OPI gods are reading this!

kelliegonzo said...

love the idea of the manglaze polishes, because of their look and funny names and awesome artwork/design. i really don't care if it's marketed to men or women, i'm going to wear what i think is fun or funky or cool or whatever. or same with men, they should wear whatever they think suits them and their tastes. i may not be a feminist but i'm not a masculine-ist (uh, opposite) either :)

Evil Angel said...

Love ManGlaze; love the image..
I think the creator is a complete dip!

mKat said...

LOL Kellie...well put!

EvilAngel... is that a good or a bad thing? LOL

xfoxglove said...

I like the look of matte polishes, but they just chip way too fast.

Besides the image of the girl and the bowl on their website, I don't really like how their creator acts on the NB at times. He didn't create the matte finish, but he acts like that sometimes.

Ehh, just my 2 cents.

Lucy said...

I like the art work. It does remind me of Mad Magazine art work. I don't mind nail polish or eye liner on men. The images on the web site I do. Grow Up!

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