Thursday, September 10, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Nova

I have a meeting with one of my RAs today about the research work she's doing for me so I have to head out right about now but I'm so in love with my NOTD, I had to post some (bad) pictures/video of it! (Sunlight doesn't hit my apartment til 2pm so I had to make do with crappy indoor lighting and flash.)

I've been so excited about these China Glaze glitters! It's been killing me that they've been dripping in ohhhh.... soooo.... sloooooowlllyyyyy. GAAAH. I wanted to go on no-buy after hauling all of these at once. Now... well, I guess I could still go on no buy but I might miss out. :(

This is one I got recently at Sally Beauty:

China Glaze Nova (indoors, no flash)
Five layers of glitter (with several layers of Poshe between to ease removal later on). Not completely opaque in a photo like this but it's so blingy and blinding that no one is going to notice your actual nail underneath.

China Glaze Nova (indoors, flash)
Sparkly! Still this photo does it NO justice whatsoever!

China Glaze Nova (indoors, with flash, blurred to show the holo sparkle)
It looks like my fingers are aflame. Application was a pain in that five layers takes a long time and you do have to wait for each layer to dry a bit before slathering the next one on. I personally think the effect is worth it so five coats (plus two or three coats of Poshe in between and on top) is fine by me.

Close-up (no flash, outdoors)
As you can see, it's multisized glitter: the spark and flash is mostly due to the large holo hex glitters interspersed with ultra-reflective silver glitter. Some of the finer glitter might be holo too but it's really hard to tell. I still think I like the rosy-tint of Pure Ice Spit Fire better than the straight silver here but both are equally, ridiculously, gorgeously blingtastic.

Video (also taken indoors)

Ahhh... now to go about my day with the most energetic nails ever.

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mKat said...

Oh wow does that look awesome.

I see New Years Eve in short skirts, tall boots and that polish... I love!

Lucy said...

Is mKat going to wear a top!? Haha! Just gorgeous. I love all that beautiful glitter. I thought I had this one but I don't. Damn I have to buy it. Your nails look like their jewel encursted.

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