Thursday, September 10, 2009

Saks discount/promo code, mini-sale and a weird question

Saks is offering free shipping on all orders with code: SEPTSHIP9 (expires September 20th, 2009). For ebates members, there's 2.5% cashback for Saks as well. Saks doesn't really have a super well stocked nail polish section but they do carry NARS, Dolce & Gabbana and a handful of other high-end brands.

Also, for those who have not noticed: FabulouStreet, which I believe is the sole distributor of Nfu.oh polishes in the US, is selling the discontinued Victorian line (all cremes, I think) at a slightly discounted price of $11.25 (vs the normal $12.50). Free shipping always on any order. And very fast shipping! I'm on the same coast as they are but still, I've never waited more than two days for an order.

Finally... here's a weird question: anyone interested in some free college admissions counseling via email or GChat/IM? I've been tinkering with the idea of doing freelance college counseling, either for a moderate fee to help fund the polish habit or on a volunteer basis to help out kids who might not consider college... but before I actually charge money for it or sign up with some outreach program, I'd like to try actually doing it with one or two people first (for free, of course).

I'm not interested in writing people's essays (because that's cheating) or giving them SAT lessons (because that's boring). Rather, I'm interested in having honest conversations with people about what they want out of their college experience, helping them navigate the application procedure (including critiquing app drafts) and picking a college out of the 4000 institutions of higher education in this country (as well as ones abroad). I can also do some grad school admissions counseling but it's a slightly different can o' tuna because different fields have different expectations and I can't comment on too many fields in depth (besides education and psychology).

I have a master's degree in "higher education" -- yes, those exist -- and have gotten into some good schools in my time. I've gone to a small private college, a major private university and am at a medium-sized state university at the moment, so I can speak intelligently about the differences between these types of institutions. If anyone is seriously interested, they can email me at for more details. :)

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