Thursday, September 10, 2009

HTF Week - NOTD Urban Decay AC/DC

Today I have some questions for fellow graduate students...

I am in graduate school on a fast-track program that allows me to graduate in 1 year with my Master's Degree. I am taking 4 classes per semester and it is understood that I will write my Master's Thesis in the summer, due in August.

Now, am I being insane here? Apparently I am the only one in the Masters program at my school doing the program in this way. Everyone else is taking only 2-3 classes and I was met with lots of wide-eyed stares of shock when I explained that I am taking 4 classes.

I plan to work part-time, only 8 hours per week (2 days a week) and I always took 4-5 classes per semester in undergrad. That being said, am I overloading myself here? So far I feel ok and I'm actually a little ahead in my reading but lots of the "wide-eyed stares" I received have succeeded in sufficiently freaking me out, especially since the add/drop deadline has passed.

I'd appreciate any stories, advice, etc. from fellow graduate students!!!

On to the nails! Today's post is in honor of Hard to Find (HTF) Week on the MUA Nailboard. I found this little gem in my Ulta this past March (of 2009!) even though Urban Decay nail polishes were discontinued long before then. Apparently my Ulta was getting rid of back stock. Anyway, here she is!

This is 2 coats with Diamont topcoat and it was a dream to apply!

Under indoor lighting:

With flash:

And luckily for us, Urban Decay nail polishes are coming back! AC/DC is not yet listed as coming back but we can hope, right?

Thanks for looking and thanks for any comments and advice you have for me!!! :)

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flinty said...

Master's programs are expensive as hell. You are definitely taking on more than the typical student and writing the thesis during summer is not my idea of relaxation BUT you're probably also saving upwards of $30,000. (That's a lot of nail polish!) So... yes, you will probably be more stressy than your peers but it's not without good cause.

daydream222 said...

That's exactly one of the major reasons I'm doing it this way!! Good way to look at it. Nice thing is too that NONE of my classes have any homework besides reading, but the final projects are 20 page papers for each class (so 100 pages total...eek!).

D:) said...

I love a good foil!

Don't worry! A bunch of papers due at the end of the year isn't so bad. As a law student, I've written more than I will ever care to. 20 pages seems daunting, but once you pull the trigger you'll be surprised at how quickly it all flows.

Another key is not leaving everything to the last minute. Work on whatever you can during the semester. Papers are ALWAYS less stressful than final exams unless you've left more than 2 for the last minute.

anotheremptysky said...

I took four masters classes a semester and was done in a year. I also worked about 3-4 hours a day during the week. Everyone thought I was crazy (and I admittedly was a bit crazy towards the end) but it can be done :)

mKat said...

Funny thing...

When I started my Masters I was also unsure as to how many classes to take. Like you, I was accustomed to taking 5 courses per semester as an undergrad, but in our program, we typically take three (max) per semester as a grad student.

It varies from program to program though. My department is a joint department with a lot of program variations. Our planners, for instance, take four courses per semester - similar courses as the rest of us, just more of them. However, they also have a two year program to complete a professional degree (four courses per semester plus major research and presentations to OPPI) whereas the rest of us typically do one or one and a half years worth of study (including the writing of a major research paper or thesis).

I don't think what you're aiming for is impossible and if you can do it, then go for it! Like Flinty said, it'll save you a ton of money in the long run. Having said that, it will be tiring! But as long as you can deal with a heavier workload then you're good to go.

I also agree with D:)... if you can get things done in advance, do it. It'll make the end of your semester all the more manageable. (I only wish I could follow my own advice.)

Gorgeous mani, by the way!

flinty said...

daydream: I'd definitely carve out time in your day to do reading. I didn't really think all the reading I had to do was work but push comes to shove... it's definitely a LOT of work, and your poor tired brain will thank you for taking good notes on your reading when it comes time to write those papers!

D: I'm still working on not leaving crap to the last minute. 13 years of primary and secondary school, 4 years of college, countless summer school sessions, 1 year of a master's degree and 1 year of a PhD program... have not taught me time management yet. It's kind of scary. But I just don't write well unless I'm under the gun. I second guess myself a lot! (I agree about exams. I hated them; preferred papers by far!)

mKat said...

^^ I think most grad students are programmed to work "under the gun". At least... that's what I keep telling myself. *smacks head*

daydream222 said...

Thanks so much everyone! I feel much better now. Like I said, I don't even really mind the reading! I've been doing several hours a day so far and I'm ahead (woot!). So I'll stay confident and know I can handle this!!!

That being said, have any of you worked while doing a masters thesis? How many hours? I'm kinda wondering how I'm gonna earn money/pay bills while I'm writing my thesis next summer! eek!

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