Wednesday, September 9, 2009

As someone on MUA said, "It's nail polish, not a novel by James Joyce": on the gross misuse of Lippmann polishes

Wow, someone did not clear this one through her PR office first: Deborah Lippmann teaching us a thing or two about her nail polish. Apparently, anyone who dislikes her "deconstructed" polishes is just not fashion forward enough and are probably doing it ALL WRONG anyway.

The TA in me wants to whip out a red pen, cross out the word "deconstructed" and write in the margins, "Big words aren't necessarily smart words."

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Anonymous said...

It's supposed to look bad!

There's an old Yiddish line that translates to something like "don't piss on my foot and tell me it's raining."

paintedladyfingers said...

Why wouldn't she explain her application technique on the packaging? The "NEW way" seems a little late to me. In the same way that polish companies like Zoya gave application tips for mattes, it would have made sense to explain her ideas with the promotion of the set. In general, polish bloggers have better than average application skills. We are used to different formulas and techniques. If the majority aren't liking the application, I would blame it on the polish. I haven't tried these myself. I am interested in them but it seems too great an investment for so many failed experiments already in evidence.

paintedladyfingers said...

To clarify, when I say "failed experiments" I am referring to Funky Chunky. I have liked many of the swatches of Marquee Moon.

makmipurfekt said...

thats funny! I thought nail polish and makeup were things that were supposed to be fun! not right or wrong... epic fail lippman... EPIC

augusta said...

lol i agree with all the comments that have been posted so far. in my honest opinion, that collection isnt worth my hard earned dollars, so there ms. lippmann!

mKat said...


I've seen quite a few bloggers cutting up her blog comments... She was always under my radar and now..well now I don't have to feel badly for that. :P

LOL @ the TA in you.

Erika said...

I suppose I'll continue to settle for constructed polish, since it isn't hideous. That means I win, though, despite my argument's lack of FASHION FORWARD CAPS LOCK.

Rose said...

Whoah, Ms Lippmann must be seriously OD-ing on Big3s, or is she about 3 inches tall and blessed with an inferiority complex: SHOUTING THAT LOUDLY on her own blog??
Can't say I dislike bits'n'bobs in np.
Can't say I'm fashion forward/backward, because that would imply I believe either to be existent - fashionability is totally subjective, just an opinion, a lie if you will, but a strong one that is the foundation of a huge industry (and many a job). I do like authenticity, and stuff that is well made or combined, which in combination with quirkiness and a refusal to go with the tide could result in true stylishness (which is also an opinion, but maybe a more universally ingrained one, see
Can't say Lady Gaga is the epitome of style, even though she does score on the individual qualities, and wears DL np, but: chacun à son gout.
HOWEVER how stuppid does Ms Lippmann think we are? We get it that chunks should settle randomly, but if they are shiny chunks they are supposed to SHINE not HIDE in fashionforward gunk. Or should we add a sh*tload of TC to make the shine come out, like Siobhan did with her CGCosmic? So is this all really about upping your TC sales huh?

Rodarte is weird, fashionforward maybe, but always elegant, even on 13-year olds.
These np's are not, period.
But hey, no sweat, you make nailpolish, not art.
We wipe it off after a day or 2, it's not going to end up in the MoMA.

btw, can someone explain to me why her songs redefine the expression 'Meh'?

Shryh1 said...

Hmm, I didn't get the impression that she was saying that you weren't fashion forward if you disliked her fashion forward polishes. At least, I didn't take the phrase "fashion forward" too seriously. One, she DID created MM for Rodarte. Two, MM, FC and RS are pretty bold for an upmarket nail polish brand so perhaps that is why she's claiming them to be fashion forward.

Nor am I convinced that she's saying people who don't "get" the trio of polishes are doing it wrongly, but I think she's trying to manage expectations? Now, NBers know their polish -- they know that the Marquee Moon sequins won't apply evenly like regular glitter and to either apply a gajillion coats of a sheer polish to make it opaque or layer it over something else. Judging from how Lippman keeps emphasizing that the sequins/glitter are meant to appear "here or there", however, it seems to me that she may have received many complaints (possibly from less experienced polish users) about how the sequins and chunky glitter in her new collection aren't evenly distributed on the nail. I noticed this wasn't even a big issue with polish bloggers, who were able to appreciate the uniqueness of the polishes despite application problems. (Funky Chunky is a FAIL no matter what...)Polish, like makeup, is supposed to be fun, but there might be hundreds of women expecting exactly 10 evenly-spaced sequins on each nail are are grumpy because it's impossible to achieve.

She does sound like she's talking down to the people who buy her polish, but given that she's a manicurist and probably encounters many women without the NB's savvy, she might just be addressing a different segment of polish users altogether. Funky Chunky and Marquee Moon are pretty experimental polishes and not the easiest to apply. But they are sold to the general public, so I guess she's trying to get people to deal with the imperfections and have fun with the polishes, rather than admit that she came out with a couple of tricksy polishes that you shouldn't buy this season.

daydream222 said...

I think my problem with her blog post is her ATTITUDE (lol like my capitalization?). One major thing that put me off was her capitalization of some words, which just came off (to me) as snobby and rude, like she thinks she's talking to 4 year olds. And I do agree that she implies if you don't like her polishes you aren't "fashion forward" enough. She should have included instructions with the set or posted a polite blog post with tips about alternative ways to apply the polishes. FAIL Deborah!

As much as I like Lippmann polishes I really don't like Deborah or her team - they have absolutely no customer service skills whatsoever.

Lucy said...

Rude bitch! I don't have to buy your polishes Deborah Lippmann. I guess I am fashion backwards. Your Funky Chunky was not a success.
The complaints must've gotten thru to her. Nice to know and maybe she won't make another polish like FC.

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