Friday, September 11, 2009

Missha swatches

I don't know how to commemorate this day. Born and raised Manhattanite, and no idea what to do or say on this day. It makes me sad and bitter -- and probably for reasons different than what most people think -- and that's... all. Anyway. Swatches. Missha.

The essentials:
Cute flower-shaped bottles.
Small (0.39 fl oz).
Cheap (~$1.50 at the Missha US website).
Typical UPS shipping (~$8, though free with purchases $40+).
Hit-or-miss in terms of quality (see following).

Missha BL101
Frosty/pearly light blue. Three coats, nowhere near opaque. Looks like something I would've worn -- and not enjoyed -- in middle school.

Missha PK104
Dark pink jelly. Three coats, pretty sheer. Really nice and glossy but the sheerness does it in for me.

Missha GR101
Very bright, almost frosty, turquoise shimmer with silver and gold glitter. It's less frosty-looking IRL. Two coats, could've done three and would've been fine.

Close up of Missha GR101

Missha RD101
Basic red jelly. Three coats. Again, glossy but too sheer for me.

Missha PK102
No idea what to call this color. A dull, drab version of fuchsia? A shimmery plummy shade? Three coats here, applied very smoothly but I found it boring. The finish was slightly frosty with the occasional glimmering silver glitter particle.

Missha WN103
Deep maroon jelly. Three coats to reach opacity. Very, very glossy. I like! I think I got a slightly wonky brush on this one: a couple of loose bristles that got polish allll over my cuticles.

Missha PP101 (outside with sun and inside with flash)

Dusty mauve with peachy pink shimmer. This one looked plain and kind of frosty in the bottle but I actually really liked it on the nail. It's definitely a neutral/safe color in my book but I really enjoy the shimmer in it.

And my favorite for last:

Missha BL102
Neon cobalt blue. Two coats, great pigmentation. Slides right on. :) And because I liked it so much, I had to play with it!

Missha BL102 with CoverGirl City Lights topcoat
Spaaarrrkly. A thrill of the cheap variety at approximately $5 for the two polishes.

Closeup of Missha BL102 with CoverGirl City Lights topcoat

Video of the spaaarrkly (sorry if it seems more spastic than usual)!

All in all, a couple of gems, a couple of duds and the vast mediocre middle. I'm very happy for $1.50 polish. If nothing else, they're sooooo cute and flower-shaped and obviously, it's what's outside that counts. ;)

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rijaH said...

Lovely glitters in the little clip :D Love it :) and so nice colours ;D

D:) said...

Yay! I've been waiting for these. That blue is gorgeous.

mKat said...

I think my fave was that red jelly! I know that it's sheer but something about it screams "yum" to me. :P

Lucy said...

The vampy shade is beautiful and shiny. Love the last one especially with the glitter. The bottles are cute but everything I've seen before. They are all pretty on you. Hope your keeping ahead on all your papers and work. You have a hell of a schedule. It's really commendable that you can also blog! Today is a rainy dark miserable day. It fits the anniversary. You must've been terrified. I hope you and your loved ones were all okay.

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