Sunday, September 27, 2009

NOTD China Glaze Sunshine

Biggest disappointment of this collection so far. Not quite as bright and smooth as I hoped.

China Glaze Sunshine
Bumpy. I wanted it to be prettier than this. Either more opaque or more jelly -- this is an annoying in between. Again, square glitter with some blue/green hexes thrown in. It's interesting -- which is enough for me to keep it for now -- but I can't see wearing this again.

China Glaze Sunshine

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oyku said...

Actually it looks good on you.

Evil Angel said...

I think I was expecting a brighter yellow! It's still nice.

Lucy said...

I own all of the collection. I was excited by this one. Darn what a shame. Maybe you can layer this over yellow polish. I don't mind the bumpyness. I'm hoping to see many more of the collection. I just hope the rest are better.

mKat said...

Did I read that correctly Lucy? You own all 50 of the glitters?!

(we are not worthy!) *bows*

Grace of Spades said...

Strange, for me the yellow looks ALMOST neon and it was definitely opaque :( It was bumpy but that doesn't particularly bother me with glitters

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