Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reader Request: China Glaze Stellar and Goddess

At the behest of two readers, a couple of other China Glaze glitter swatches.

China Glaze Goddess (without and with flash)

Three coats. Silvery gold glitter with gold shimmer. Not as blingy as I would've expected, though. Sort of atypical for a gold glitter for a two reasons: the glitter is (again) square and there is also subtle (compared to the glitter anyway) shimmer interspersed so emptyish spaces on the nail left by the glitter aren't as bereft as they are usually.

Close-up of Goddess
(I decided that horizontal bar close-ups was less visually distracting than vertical ones unless I'm doing two side by side.)

China Glaze Stellar
It's hard to get a good picture of this one. It looks like it's gold and silver microglitter suspended in a shimmery purple-leaning mauve. Pretty unusual. It's glittery but nowhere close to blingy.

Close-up of Stellar

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Evil Angel said...

I really like Stellar....I know I'm shocked too!

mKat said...

I am not really a glitter person and this comment will make no sense but Goddess makes me want to jump into a vat of vanilla ice cream.

oyku said...

Thanks for posting Stellar. It looks very different than the bottle pictures, which are more brownish.

Nicole said...

Ooh, I may need Stellar, I actually quite like it! I'm shocked by that - lovely pictures!

Lucy said...

Such pretty glitters. You've taken some really nice shots.

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