Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reader Request: China Glaze Meteor Shower

I swatched this one a couple of weeks back but never had the opportunity to post it but since skgoh asked for some darker colors, I figured I'd post this one that I had now.

China Glaze Meteor Shower

China Glaze is really making the most of square glitter, huh? I haven't seen it much in other polishes but a bunch of the new ChGs have them. Anyway -- I think this was three coats and not the smoothest polish on the planet (glitter like that rarely is) but absolutely worth it... if a little thick-looking. There are a couple of colors of glitter (mostly square, a couple of hexes thrown in) suspended in this dark blue jelly which looks beautiful through all those layers. ...I don't know why I feel so "meh" towards it.

Close-up of Meteor Shower

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Cali369 said...

Wowser, that is one hot polish. Pleeeeeease let some of the chg glitters make it to the UK

JacieO said...

Oh I'm in love. I'm with Cali - I pray some of these are able to make their way to Australia. Otherwise I might be forced to come to the US. Forced!

Kae said...

My ChG glitter is getting so long, ridiculous! :D This one is so lovely on you!

loungie said...

love that!!

Lucy said...

This is a gorgeous glitter! I'm very happy I have this one. Very pretty on you.

skgoh said...

Thanks for swatching this! I'm in Singapore, and the glitters are not here yet. I asked a friend of a friend to bring it back for me from the US, but she hasn't arrived yet. I can't wait for Meteor Shower. I have been looking for a dark blue glitter for so long.

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