Friday, September 25, 2009

Reader Request: a China Glaze white glitter comparison and also an NOTD

My NOTD yesterday was Etude House BL505.
A bright cornflower blue creme which applied nicely but not evenly. I dunno how to describe it: it was as if they were giant entire-brush streaks as opposed to small brush bristle streaks. It evened out with Diamont though.

This morning, I layered some of the new China Glaze glitters on top of the Etude mani.

Etude House BL505 with China Glaze Glacier (index/ring) and Snow Globe (middle and pinky)

From left to right:
Glacier, three coats | Snow Globe, three coats | Glacier, one coat | Snow Globe, one coat

Both of these are white opalescent glitters. Glacier is very dense, very fine white square glitter that gives off a pink and blue sheen; Snow Globe is made up of huge give-off-all-colors (mainly green and blue) hexagonal glitter. It looks incredibly chunky in photos but is much smoother than it looks and is constantly changing because of the hexagonal glitter catches light. You could probably not make these totally opaque (you could try but you'd be pushing four coats). Snow Globe looks positively awesome though when it's layered: like a mermaid's tail, iridescent scales and all.

Closeup of Glacier and Snow Globe on top of BL505

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Evil Angel said...

Both are awesome! 2 more added to my ever growing list!

daydream222 said...

oh wow they are both awesome!!!!

flinty said...

EA: yeah, it's hard not to want a bunch of these, sigh. :)

daydream: aren't you trying to narrow down lemmings?? ;)

Lucy said...

This looks fantastic with the glitters. I ordered all of the glitters. I think I should've waited to see what the whole collection looked like. Hopefully I won't do that again.

Cali369 said...

sooo pretty with the glitters....

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