Thursday, October 1, 2009

NOTD Chanel Jade

Hello again! Wow, 2 posts in 2 days, that might be a record for me! Granted, it's because I'm being a bad procrastinator with my readings this week...:-/.

I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts about NOTDs. I rarely have time for swatching polishes, so I mainly take pics of what happens to be my NOTD. Is that okay with you guys, or would you rather me hold off on posting my NOTD's one at a time, and instead post them in larger entries so that you get a taste for more than one color?

I've added a poll on the right sidebar, if any of you care to answer it! Pretty please! :)

So here's today's NOTD: Chanel Jade! My DH bought it for me as a surprise back-to-school/early birthday present. :)

This is 3 coats of Jade with Diamont topcoat. It applied very nicely and I didn't have any problems. I did, however, have problems with Diamont pooling all over my cuticles! So sorry for that...I need to thin it.

With flash:

You can purchase Chanel Jade from Chanel boutiques or Chanel's website but I believe it may be sold out online. :-/ I don't know if they will be restocking it. :(

Thanks for reading and don't forget to answer my poll!!

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Jacie said...

Wow, the amazingly elusive Chanel Jade. I think I'm in lurrrve!

Helen said...

I can't get enough of looking at this polish - it is so pretty. I didn't try and get it as I'm on a no-buy but I do love it.

I voted for separate NOTD posts. That works for me as I'm a rubbish swatcher and prefer to write as I go along.

augusta said...

i voted for one notd at a time.

this color is nice, but i cant see myself paying 25 dollars for it. i'll wait for milf (from illamasque) to be restocked on sephora.

Lucy said...

This is a beautiful shade of polish. I wish I could've made my self buy it. I just think $25 is way too much to pay for polish. I read that Chanel doesn't even last long on your nails. I hope it does for you.

mKat said...

Your nails look great!!

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