Friday, October 23, 2009

Random swatch: China Glaze Cream Puff

Man, am I going to be finished with swatching the China Glaze glitters collection before the end of 2009? It's very possible that I won't!

China Glaze Cream Puff
Not quite a glitter but I really like this polish. Peachy pink with silver shimmer. Really simple but very clean. (It's driving me nutsy that because my ring finger is posed higher than my other fingers, it makes my fingernails look really uneven. They aren't this uneven!) It's a cute ingenue look. Because, you know, ingenue-ness can be expressed just through nails.

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gildedangel said...

That is a really pretty color, I like it!

Lucy said...

This is another lovely shade. I always love dark shades but this one is nice. Usually if a light shade has a glimmer or glitter in it I will like it. Just as long as it isn't sheer, then I don't mind.

flinty said...

Gildedangel: thanks!

Lucy: omg, I'm all about the glitter. Put glitter in something, and I'll buy it. :)

2espresso said...

This is the first time I read your blog which I came across via Google, and a few seconds I thought omg, why is there a photo of my nails, I never had that polish!... My nails look _so_ similar, that's crazy. ;)
And I would also totally wear this color, it's beautiful.

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