Monday, December 14, 2009

Urban Decay and Goldie red creme and red foil swatches

Happy Monday!

The Saturday before last was my first Saturday in over a month where I didn't really have any pressing concerns (work, travel, etc)... and it was sunny enough to get some good swatch photos! So I hunkered down with twenty-something nail polishes, set them up in a good swatch order and started in. I spent most of my time swatching the Urban Decay Apocalyptic mini set and the silver-blue paisley Goldie set that I got at Marshall's in Back Bay.

It quickly became obvious to me that I probably wasted my money on the Urban Decay set but that the Goldie set was probably the best $8 I've spent all year. (This post doesn't show that but the ones coming up this week hopefully do.)

I usually leave reds til the end of my swatching cycle: they always seem to be the hardest to wipe off and leave my fingers looking like lobster claws. So after about two hours of swatching, I looked up and saw that I had these polishes left in the two collections:

Two red foils and two red cremes that looked similar enough next to each other. Since I don't really love reds (or red foils), I really didn't want to do four hands worth of colors I wasn't looking forward to. My shortcut: do comparison swatches! (for comparisons that no one will ever ask for).

Well. Turns out, these were four pretty different polishes. Oops.

Urban Decay Big Bang and Goldie red foil

The Urban Decay is the pinker one; the Goldie is the redder one. I actually really liked UD Big Bang. Easy to apply, was practically dry by the time I was done (two coats) and was very very shiny. The Goldie was a bit watery and hard to control and required three coats.

Urban Decay F Bomb and Goldie red creme

Three coats for both polishes. Both were actually very easy to manage polishes and both were nice examples of basic red cremes. The Goldie (lighter red) was glossier while the UD (darker red) dried a bit more matte.

This coming week, my posts will probably be split between these Goldie and UD sets. Still got five more UDs and six more Goldies to show off.

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amusedPolish said...

the goldie bottles look unique- all look great on your fingers

Lucy said...

I have the Urban Decay set. It's unworn so far. Like those Goldie bottles. I like all of the shades of red.

flinty said...

amusedPolish: the Goldie bottles are super cute. Annoying to hold for photos though... :)

Lucy: I'm not generally a red person but these appealed to me. I love the color red but I always have application issues with it... and then the removal is just lobster claws for the rest of the day.

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