Wednesday, December 15, 2010

iHaul: making up for lost time

I've bought literally no nail polish for the past two months (except for a huge bunch of Street Wear for super cheap when I was in NYC at the end of October, including the teal creme Moody!). I didn't have time, didn't have that much interest and I was trying to pre-emptively make up for the fact that I needed a new laptop. My three-year-old MacBook Pro was literally breaking down. The real scare was when I got this error screen (and even my friend's fiance, who works at Apple, was like, "WTF?"):

Aren't they pretty colors? Especially the first screen. I mean, that's every greyed out shade that I just adore. But it's not so pretty when that's all you get when you boot up. I needed a laptop that wasn't going to spontaneously stop working. Hence, a little less nail polish for a little while.

Anyway, my abstinence from nail polish came to an end with the end of my quarter last Friday. Today, I dragged my SO to the local premium outlets and did me some shopping. He did him some shopping too: he's a great cook and he got a gorgeous Le Creuset stock pot for half off (it matches the set of mini cocottes I got him a few months ago)! And it was his idea to stop off at Target (with a Ross and CVS next door). And I totally made up for lost time. Grainy iPhone pics ahead...

Haul from CVS: Milani Silver Dazzle, Blue Flash, Gold Glitz (those were the only ones that CVS had, boo).

NYC Empire State Blue, Love Letters; Revlon Perplex (Paradoxal dupe!), Jaded. Wanted to grab more of the Revlon but I really haven't had great luck with Revlon polishes in the past.

Then we stopped at Ross: Color Club sets from Holiday and Halloween 2009 ($2.99 each).

Also, found a brand I've never used before called Tres Risk but the dark green and purpled-out grey were super pretty ($4.99).

And finally, Mezzanotte Blue for $1.50 (can't see it in the pic but it's a very dark purply-blue).

Target didn't yield much: only Nicole by OPI Such a Go-Glitter and Pitch-Black Glimmer (which I thought was called "Bitch-Black Glitter" at first because the label was smudgy). These are SUPER DUPER SPARKLY with holo glitter but it totally doesn't translate to indoor iPhone pics.

And FINALLY then we got to the premium outlets and I stopped at the Cosmetics Company Store (of course): scored Estee Lauder Ultra Violet ($12.75, was $18) and MAC Seriously Hip ($9.75, was $12... though it seems that MAC polishes now retail for $13).

Sigh. Old habits reestablish themselves quickly. I think I'm going to do a mani with Mezzanotte Blue with one of the sparkly Nicole polishes over it now. :)

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Kimberly said...

I got those holiday CC at Ross this week too. I love em and can't wait to try 'em. You were good going that long without a purchase.

Did you get your laptop yet?

LadyLuck27 said...

Thats why i dont like Apple's computers, at the end its harder to fix and not everyone knows how.

Katt said...

they sell borghese for 1.50? in canada it's 13 dollars!

Lucy said...

Nice haul. I'm still looking for the Milani. I would literally faint if anything like that happened to my computer. Really does make my crazy. What did you end up buying?

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

The Tres Risk dark green and grey are beautiful (and the grey is a dupe for Nina Ultra Pro's Never Glum Plum). I used them together for a mani and they were gorgeous!


First I thought you had some eyeshadow to show us then I saw it was a computer. :p Hope you can get that fixed. (I accidentally fed my laptop with red wine a couple a weeks ago and the keyboard is not well...)

I SO wish I could get a hold of these glitters from Milani, the silver, blue and red formost but I can't find anywhere that ships them to Sweden. :( They are so gorgeous!

znia said...

So quick question about the CC from Ross. Everytime I get them there they don't have name stickers and the tops are polished and round with no engraved design. When I get CC from the e-tailors however they have name stickers, the tops are matte and have little flowers engraved. Not complaining cause they are cheaper at ross, but the name sticker thing is annoying especially since I got a set that doesn't name the polishes on the box and all it says on the front is all about color.

So the question is how do yours look?

flinty said...

@kimberly: Yes, I'm on it right now. It's such a relief to have a laptop that isn't threatening to break at any moment!

@ladyluck: I do agree with you on that one but there are enough resources online to figure out how to do repairs by oneself. It's still a pain though...

@katt: Ross is a discount chain so everything's cheaper at Ross. They usually retail for $8 at drugstores.

@lucy: I ended up getting another MacBook Pro. Creature of habit. I've been using them for about six or seven years now. I thought of switching to a PC but I did the math on it and it turns out that it doesn't save me that much money because of the software I have to use.

@abop: Awesome! I wanted Never Glum Plum but never got around to getting it.

@melisende: yikes, sucks about the red wine and the laptop. :( Does CherryCulture not ship internationally? They do eventually get Milani polishes.

@znia: It really depends on the set. Usually, they don't have the matte texture or the flower though!

you nailed it! said...

haha first I thought you made some kind of program for chosing polish colors or something haha. I was like "pretty colors!" too. but if that showed up on my laptop I wouldn't be happy either. nice haul!


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