Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Sultry Season - Essie Going Incognito

Today I have another polish from the Essie Winter collection this year - a collection that grew on me and now I own all but one!! (See my posts on Hot Coco, Smokin' Hot, and Masquerade Belle - which I have now grown to love.) Going Incognito is a rich and sexy green - it's like OPI Jade is the New Black's chic-er older sister.

For some reason this polish is giving me a real 1920s vibe. I know that people in the 1920s didn't wear green polish, but somehow this colour evokes a certain sensibility - one that makes me feel like the frivolous and decadent Daisy in the Great Gatsby - sultry, yet playful.

And again, it feels spot-on for the's a good time to feel sultry!

Has a polish collection ever grown on you so that you ended up collecting them instead of buying them all outright? I'm usually so good with knowing what I like, but Essie Winter got me somehow!


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OnceBitten said...

This color is definitely growing on me - I like it much better on the nail than the color I see in the bottle.

Morgan said...

I love this - I agree with you though - I wasn't crazy about this collection at all - But the more I see swatches of the polish, the more I love it! :)

nailsbybellan said...

Sadly I'm the kind of person everything grows on eventually.. Like right now I'm thinking I need Going Incognito, and I hardly ever wear green! But it was like that with purple, and now I wear purple all the time. So you'll never know :)

Anonymous said...

I looooove Going Incognito. It's my favourite green atm (not even a favourite dark green creme, but my favourite out of all my greens!).

I love greens in general, so that's why I picked it up, didn't expect to like that much though.

So pretty! And bonus points for good application.

...probably gonna wear it again soon. That would make it four times in a month. Most polishes in my collection have been worn only once. :P

Grace said...

I only bought Going Incognito and Smokin Hot from this collection, but I LOVE them and have worn them both twice already. I just wish they were a little more pigmented - both are three-coaters for me. I might have bought a few others from this collection, but swatches were pretty much nonexistent when it was released, and I am loathe to buy a polish without reading a trusted review first, especially a standard vampy. I have so many of them already, I have to know that it's going to be worth it for me to add another one to the stash. Eventually I caved and grabbed those two because I was worried they would sell out before I had the chance. A lot of the polish blogs STILL haven't swatched this collection. What gives? I was wondering if there was a boycott.

Varnish Vixen said...

Oy, I'm so scared of greens! They're either full of win or full of fail for me and I hate taking the chance. This looks lovely on you, though, maybe I'll convince myself to go for it!

kittytokaren said...

@OnceBitten - I totally agree. It's a little scary in the bottle!

@Morgan - Ahhh so it was a sleeper for someone else too then! :)

@nailsbybellan - Haha I know someone like you! I wish I was as flexible as that so I could appreciate everything. :)

@mylittlevanities - It really is a gorgeous green!! It is definitely worthy of its favourite spot. :) I'm like that with Essie Smokin Hot..I think I've worn it 4 or 5 times since I've bought it, and that never happens! And thanks for the compliment on app!!

@Grace - Since L'Oreal bought Essie the collections don't get pre-released anywhere, they don't send them out to bloggers early (even though I never got them before either...) so swatches don't tend to go up until later and even then it's incomplete collections. Or people like me who buy and slowly go through when I wear them instead of swatching en masse. But yeah, I think that due to the L'Oreal purchase, release has changed and that is why we dont see swatches that much or early!

@Varnish Vixen - I can only really pull of dark greens....JitNB is pretty and I like it but still scary for me!! I say dip your toe in and try this. It's dark enough to not be screaming GREEN but still green enough to give you a feel of what wearing green is like.


Lucy said...

Love this shade of green. Looks wonderful on your nails. Mine are super short and unpolished!I have to wait a bit till I wear this color. I bought this one and I think one more from the collection.

Lizzie said...

How is the consistency of Going Incognito? I've had a lot of problems with green in the past..they are either really, really thick or really, really thin! I believe I already own Jade is the New Black, and I heard Going Incognito was pretty dupey but in your photo it looks darker!

kittytokaren said...

@Lucy - Thank you!! ANd your nails are unpolishes!? Get cracking girl!

@Lizzie - It's pretty good consistency. I believe this was one thin coat, one thicker coat, and some touchups on a couple nails. I don't know who told you JitNB and this were dupes, but it is absolutely not true. JitNB is much lighter and brighter. I think if you Google search you can find some comparison pics!!


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