Friday, July 29, 2011

My Top 5 Summer Pedicures (2011 edition)

I started a tradition last year of sharing with you my favourite pedicure colours of the summer...without showing you my feet of course! (See Piff's picks from last summer here as well!) In observation of this tradition, here are the top 5 pedicure colours that I've been loving and wearing this summer!

Thumb to pinky:

Last winter, I almost always had a gold glitter pedi on my feet. Something about taking my socks and boots over and seeing gold glimmering back at me made me happy. I decided to try it out in summer and well, and my fav gold glitter for the warmer months has been Gift of Gold - for two major reasons. (1) It has fine, fine glitter, which I think looks really great and makes for easier removal, and (2) the tone of the overall polish is much warmer than the other golds I own, which I find very summery.

A classic OPI, sent to me by the very sweet and amazing ilexica! This is just a punch of colour for the toes that I can't get enough of...and it seems to go with everything.

Before I broke up with RBL, Purple Haze was one of my favourite pedi colours. While DOiD is definitely not a Purple Haze dupe, the idea remains the same. A pastel-ish, but saturated purple on the toes looks great with metallic sandals, but remains feminine and summery without being in-your-face. I might like this better on toes than on tips!

Essie Watermelon

Exactly the colour you think of when you think of watermelon. Such a fun summer colour for tips or toes! It's a perfect hot pink that leans red instead of blue (like Bachelorette Bash), and it's just...cute!

One of my all-time favourite pedi shades, and it is actually my current pedicure. Yes, dark is maybe not the way many ladies want to go in summer, but I think it's a really elegant counterpoint to the lighter fabrics and colours women are wearing. It seems to coordinate well with many other polish colours for tips, and the shine is amazing. I adore this.

What are your fav pedi shades for this summer?


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Veronica said...

Essie Watermelon looks awesome!!

Marta said...

Cajun Shrimp is in my personal top two for a pedi. I own Watermelon but never thought to put it on my toes... Guess what my toes are wearing next?! Thanks!

Brainless Housewife said...

An oldie but goodie from Essie: E! Live from the Red Carpet, OPI: A Good Man-Darin is hard to find, Revlon Top Speed: Cloud, and Revlon: Oh my Magenta


The Brainless Housewife :P

Honey_lili said...

I love your picks ! I wish I could find Gift Of Gold somewhere, it's so pretty !

My favorite pedi colors would be China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy, China Glaze - Peachy Keen, OPI - Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (looks a lot like Cajun Shrimps)... Yes I love my toes in coral/orange ;)

Noelie said...

Those are great picks! This summer I've been addicted to holos on toes, not sure why. It's been a fun summer though. =)

(I know you don't like holos, but you asked!)

((hugs you))

Lyolya said...

My pedicure fav is probably the Jessica's Notorious. It is dark, but the shimmer in it looks so great in the sunshine!

Courtney said...

Awesome picks! I totally need Cajun Shrimp! I've been LOVING Essie Vermillionaire as a pedi! It was such an unexpected love! I've also been getting a lot of compliments on my current OPI Mermaid's Tears pedi. :-)

beachgal said...

Fun blog post. Thanks! I completely agree with Essie Midnight's a really pretty one anytime of the year.

Rach said...

Ooh, those are some great picks, friend! See, isn't Watermelon great? :D

Katie said...

Great picks! Essie Watermelon is a classic favorite of mine. I think it's one of the first Essie polishes I got. I like gold on my toes too. I really like black on my toes for some reason as well.

Rachel said...

I have Essie Watermelon on my toes right now! I really like the way Gift of Gold looks- might have to try that soon.

Lakesha said...

Great picks! My all-time fav this summer has been CG Flip Flop Fantasy, but I gotta have that Essie Watermelon!

The Austrian said...

My favorite color no matter if on toes or on nails is Barielle Suntini right now.
It's like if Cajun Shrimp had a sunburn (but I love Cajun Shrimp too!).

Right now I have OPI Absolutely Alice on my nails. I have just recently become a mom and if I wear nail polish it's mostly sheers on my hands, so I go crazy on my toes. Also Zoya Charla sparkles wonderfully.

I usually go for bright or dark toes like Zoya Carmen, Essie Wife Goes On, OPI William Tell Me About It, Essie Peach Daiquiri, Essie Cute As a Button, ...

I also love Midnight Cami but it gives me such smurf hands, that I don't want to use it.

Nicole said...

You know what, when you did this last year I thought it was genius. I was JUST thinking about this the other day! I'm glad you did a new version. I bet Gift of Gold is a cute pedi color, and I have always loved Cajun Shrimp on toes. I also like Orly Oh Cabana Boy, it's such a great pedi color.

Polish and Charms said...

The gold is my favorite!

ilexica said...

Watermelon is gorgeous! I must try that, for sure.

Jenna said...

glitter on toes is my fave :) makes them so much more pretty :D

Olivia Frescura said...

gorgeous colors!

Lucy said...

I'm one person that does wear dark colors in the summer. I love all shades. You have some great shades for a pedicure.

J. said...

Can I ask why you broke up with RBL? I have been on a break with them for a while as well, so I'm just curious. My latest fave pedi has been Essie Braziliant (which I don't like on my fingers) topped with CND Crimson Sparkle to bring out the shimmer.

Super cute super easy said...

great mix for summer!!

kittytokaren said...

@Veronica - It is! It came highly recommended to me by some knowledgeable ladies :)

@Marta - Hehe I'm glad I could give you a little inspiration (without having to go shopping!).

@Brainless Housewife - Nice picks there!! I've always wanted E! Live From the Red Carpet, but never managed to get my hands on it!

@Honey_lili - FFF is such a classic pedi colour now! And orange/coral toes are absolutely perfect and look super summery :)

@Noelie - Hehe so what if I dont like holos?? I really do get a kick out of hearing what other people are wearing! *HUGS*

@Lyolya - Oooo that looks gorgeous in pics. Like Midnight Cami, the shimmer in the sun makes it! Too bad my MC pic isnt better...

@Courtney - I bet Vermillionaire is a bangin pedi! I've never tried Mermaids Tears as a pedi, but I imagine its very nice. I think I'll try that next in fact! Thanks for the idea :)

@beachgal - One of my fav colours for sure

@Rach - You were so very right!

@Katie - I never realized how many people loved Watermelon until I asked around about it! It really is lovely. And I think black toes are very chic! I should do that too..hmmm...

@Rachel - You do?? That is awesome! I highly recommend Gift of Gold for toes especially :) The very fine glitter gives it a very special look.

@Lakesha - That is such a classic!! I think you'd love Watermelon.

@The Austrian - I love your description of Suntini - Cajun Shrimp with a sunburn. That imagery really makes me happy. I love your pedi picks to...fabulous choices! (And yes, smurf hands. I use the foil method when I remove MC to minimize it.)

@Nicole - I think as long as I'm on this blog I'll do this every year - I really like it and I love hearing people's responses about their pedi shades! Oh Cabana Boy is really pretty.

@Polish and Charms - Gotta love gold!

@ilexica - Definitely! I think everyone should try that one :) It's delicious.

@Jenna - I love glitter on my toes in winter so much - makes taking off my boots exciting!

@Olivia Frescura - Thank you!

@Lucy - Thank you - I think darks in summer are very chic and attractive, btw!

@J - Ahhh yes. RBL. Chipped on me super easily - and I tried tons of base/top coat combinations. I decided that for that money, chippy chippy polish was not worth it, and the colours I had and liked from them weren't that unique anyways, so I gave it up. Plus, I used to really like Ji, but her attitude on her blog has me a little miffed sometimes. Main reason - chippy, too pricey. I didn't like Brazilliant on my tips either - didn't think to try it on toes!

@Super cute super easy - Thank you!!


Laikabear said...

Hey thanks for doing this post - I am a sucker for Top 5 lists. :) I have Gift of Gold and haven't tried it - off to redo my pedi tomorrow! Right now it's Essie Bermuda Shorts, which I have enjoyed.

Sarah said...

I've been doing a lot of gold pedis as well. My go to has been Finger Paints Key to My Art. I love how Gift of Gold looks in your picture, and I think I may need to add a gold glitter to the rotation.

kittytokaren said...

@Laikabear - Me too!!! I love "top 10" or "favourites" lists! I'm glad you like it - Bermuda Shorts is awesome!

@Sarah - I'm a sucker for gold - in jewelry, polish, anything! Try a gold glitter and see how it serves you - I'm not usually a glitter girl, but a gold glitter pedi makes me happy :)


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