Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some lovin' - Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Love Letter

I don't often wear the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail sticker things, but I always seem to enjoy it when I do. I saw this new pattern at the drugstore (on sale, mind you - these things are pricey) and picked it up. It's called Love Letter.

I wish they made more neutral patterns. When I choose to wear these I want them on for a while, and some of the crazy colour patterns just don't go with everything. Heck, they just don't go with my life. Maybe their target audience is younger though, so I might be way off base! But I do find that they wear incredibly well and I'm consistently impressed by this product! I got quite a few compliments on this pattern, although one girl seemed extremely disappointed that I hadn't drawn on the words by hand...

Have you tried any nail stickers lately?


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Grace said...

Do you have a topcoat on over it? I'm always temped to do that, but I don't because I'm afraid it will ruin the decals I just spent 30 minutes applying. Do you think it helps with the wear time?

This one caught my eye in the store. It's such a pretty, delicate pattern, but I had to leave it. I find the ones with white backgrounds are a bit harder to manage. They just feel a little more bulky than the ones on colored or metallic backgrounds, and I can never get them quite right.

I rarely wear them on my hands, but I LOVE them for pedis, especially in the summer. They last for weeks, and the some of the multicolored ones coordinate with tons of different polishes for manis. I actually have "Girl Flower" on my toes right now, with a whole line up of pastels (from the Essie and China Glaze spring collections) to use for manis over the next week or two.

Niki said...

this is sooo pretty!! i have used these before, but i didnt know this one was being sold. beautiful!

tata-nadaver said...

Very very beautiful!

elenaeris said...

that is beautiful *.*
I have never seen something similar!

Jacqui said...

This is SO AWESOME! So subtle and pretty and vintagey and lovely. I've never been all that tempted by the SH Effects but I think I'm going to have to try this one out. Love it =)

Polish and Charms said...

I wore some last week! Sally Hansen Salon Effects are my favorite out of all of the products like these. I always eye this one, but the price tag keeps me at bay!

Shorty said...

I like to bring some polish removal wipes and some of the Salon Effects strips with me on longer vacations - much less worry about getting them through security than a bottle of polish. I got engaged on my last trip (yaaay!), and happened to be wearing the Mod About You print when I took 5 billion pictures of the ring. When I posted the pictures to Facebook, I think I got more comments on my nails than on the ring.

Jammies said...

I have had great luck with the Sally Hansen strips and I've had my eye on this pattern for a while. After seeing your pictures, I know I need this one!

kittytokaren said...

@Grace - I did put topcoat over it - I always do. I think it protects it more and I love the super shiny finish. (And PS - I love Girl Flower on my toes!)

@Niki - I think it's new? (I'm not sure.) I hope it's permanent!

@tata-nadaver - kisses to you too!

@elenaeris - I thought it was pretty unique too!

@Jacqui - I say give it a shot! These are really quite convenient!

@Polish and Charms - Ugh yeah the price is far too high. I will ONLY buy these on sale.

@Shorty - That is a pretty smart vacation tactic! Congratulations on your engagement! I'm sure your nails AND the ring were spectacular :) :) :)

@Jammies - I think you should definitely get it - probably my fav pattern from them yet!


beachgal said...

This one I REALLY like and will look for it. What turns me off to a lot of the stick on polish film, is when you get them on, they are too cookie cutter perfect. Of late, I have seen a couple brands that are not the wallpaper same design repeated perfectly. This one falls in that category. Plus I like the design, meaning behind it. Looks just great. Thanks for showing it to us.

ilexica said...

I really love this. A friend of mine who visited last week from the US had some gold glittery ones on and I was really impressed at how well they lasted. I may see if I can find some over here, I'd like to try them!

The Lacquer Tracker said...

I love these- they last forever. Anytime I'm travelling I like to put these on; I rarely have to worry about chipping. And I always cover them with a topcoat, too. They look shinier, and just feel more "protected", if that makes sense.

Lindsey R said...

That's really nice! I've never tried nail stickers before, but I'm tempted with this set!

kittytokaren said...

@beachgal - Ugh yeah I hate when each one is the identical pattern. I'm glad you like this one!

@ilexica - oooo I'd love some gold glitter ones for my toes!!

@The Lacquer Tracker - Definitely makes sense! I prefer them with topcoat as well :)

@Lindsey R - Give 'em a shot! If anything, they are handy for vacation like The Lacquer Tracker said!


Indoor Kitty said...

I had on one of these when I was traveling! They totally aren't in easy neutral colors but they can take a good beating for two weeks while one traipses across Central America.

I do wish we could go grab coffee or something, we'd have so much random / polishy stuff to catch up on.

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