Saturday, July 21, 2012

Matte charcoal, yes please! China Glaze Stone Cold

China Glaze Stone Cold was part of the Hunger Games collection - I haven't watched the movie or read the book, but this is the most beautiful matte charcoal polish with silvery shimmer particles. It looks like dark lead pencil, and dries super quick. I wasn't expecting to love it so much, but I do!

Annoyingly, the black matte base rubs off over a few days, and by the third day my nails were noticeably more silvery than I would've liked (if you look closely near the cuticles, you can see where cleanup has gotten rid of the darker base and left the silver shimmer behind). But a quick 10 minute touchup fixed that and it was back to gorgeous graphite glory. Definitely my favourite matte polish so far!

What's your favourite matte polish?

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Power Up Pretty said...

Gosh this is pretty! The only problem I have with matte nail polish that has that rough texture is trying to get the polish off! Such a pain!

Lola B. said...

I love to look at mattes, but I can't wear them. I'm constantly moisturizing, and it totally ruins the look.

Robin Storesund said...

I love the graphite look, too! This one has been on my get-to list for a while now, so thanks for reminding me to move it forward a bit.

beachgal said...

I thought I was the only one who had not read the book nor seen the movie! It's just not my genera of taste - not a fan of sci-fi/fantasy at all which makes me a real odd-ball it always seems. I picked up this shade when I was not going to as there are only a few matte shades I really like - most I will put a clear topper on to see all the 'stuff' inside the matte. I did find with this one doing that, seals in the matte coat and I did not see the charcoal rub off then. Mattes never seem to have the wear time of other polishes. They tend to be picky in formula like holos I find. But if you can stand to loose the matte on this one after a day, toss in a top of SV and you won't loose the charcoal to silver and you will see a lot more of the complexity of the colors buried in this one.

Melissa said...

Gorgeous matte! I still want to get this one.

Unknown said...

@ Chelsea - yeah, this was a bit of a pain to get off... silver sparkles everywhere!

@ Lola B - It makes sense that I like them then, I don't moisturise my hands at all, they're gross and callousy!

@ Robin - I hate to enable my fellow polish addicts, but... buybuybuy.

@ beachgal - I actually haven't tried glossing it up yet, although it crossed my mind a few times... will definitely try it!

@ Melissa - It's so pretty, my swatch doesn't do it justice.

Em said...

I love this polish too! Soo angry with myself that I havent picked up this matte shimmery goodness.
But... You have to read the books. It is sooo worth your time. Not even joking! I read it in one day because it was so intense!

NotUrMommasNails said...

This is my favorite Matte polish! I love how deep the colors are in it. It literally looks like there are layers within the polish, but add a top coat and it sparkles. Love It!! Julep Mischa is one of my other favorite polishes to add a matte top coat to! It takes it to another level.

Unknown said...

@Em - It's on my list, when I get a Kindle :)

@NotUrMommasNails - Argh need to wear it again with topcoat clearly! :( C'mon current polish, chip!

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