Thursday, September 20, 2012

CND Sapphire Sparkle over OPI Y'All Come Back Now Ya Hear?

CND Sapphire Sparkle over OPI Y'All Come Back Now Ya Hear? 
I'm super lazy of late so I generally apply a creme, jelly or a very, very subtle shimmer, wear that for a few days, and then layer something on top of that and wear it for a few more days. CND Sapphire Sparkle was maybe not the most intuitive choice to put over Y'All Come Back but I rather liked the combination. It didn't really show off how pretty Sapphire Sparkle could be (as when put over a dark polish) but it gave the orange a slightly unusual look. This was applied on day four of Y'All Come Back and I think I wore this particular combination without chippage for another few days after that.

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Tintin said...

Love the subtle shimmer simply gorgeous.

Esther said...

I do the same thing when I'm feeling lazy! I don't know if I would have chosen this combo-- but it looks great!

TikiBarbie said...

Very pretty!

beachgal said...

This is one of my fav CND Effects - I went on a campaign to collect all of em I could last yr. Looks great over reds and here an orange.

Susanne said...

I think it looks great :)

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