Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I've always enjoyed Halloween polishes but it seems like this year's have fallen flat from the mainstream companies, but indies have made me very happy! I'm still trying to catch up and purchase all of the ones I've been eyeing but it's a slow process :(

My Halloween manicure this year isn't very inspired, this semester has been zooming by and trying to balance school and real life (along with my gaming tendencies hah) has given me less time for manicure originality.

The orange polish is KBShimmer: Orange Pop. It's multicolored glitter in a orange jelly base. I didn't use a base color underneath it but I probably should have, as it took about 5-6 coats to get to the opacity/glitter distribution that I wanted, but even then the polish wasn't "thick" on the nail. The ring finger is American Apparel Hassid with a gradient of Hit Polish: Citrus Salad.

Last year's Halloween manicure is one I already featured, but it's a goodie, so :)

Lynnderella Cauldron Droppings gradient over black, first glossy then mattified.

The year before I was feeling a bit "artistic" and did some nail art:

Did y'all go with a Halloween manicure? If so, was there black and orange included? :) Happy Halloween!

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keijtieloves said...

love the first one !!

Natalia said...

I like very much your HAlloween nail look for this year! I've done a mani with orange, but my favourite one has no orange nor black! LOL! not very conventional, i guess... would you like to take a look?

Vi said...

I like the matte glitter!

Also, what games do you play?

Tina Huynh said...

I like them all, but the 3rd one with the faces is my favorite!

BeckBeck said...

I did orange (SH CSM Fired Up) with black glitter (LA Girl Uninhibited).

Have you seen cutepolish's YouTube tutorial for Boo the ghost nails (from Super Mario Brothers)? I found it too late to get hold of the stripers I'd need, but I may do that next year :)

minnie said...

@keijtieloves - thank you! I loved the jelliness of the orange :)

@Natalia - I'd love to see it!

@Vi - thank you! I've played stuff from Counter-strike 1.6 to Left 4 Dead to Team Fortress 2, etc -- I'm currently focused on League of Legends :) been playing it for a couple of years now!

@Tina - haha they're cute, yeah? not so scary...

@BeckBeck -- that sounds really pretty! and I did see the tutorial, definitely do it next year! I'm promising to do some nail art for next year :D

Anonymous said...

I love the one black with sparkles !

Risu said...

I love the black gradients. I've done like 4 Halloween designs this year, but the one I've got on now is just a deep shimmery purple (nearly blurple) with black glitter over it.

And I agree with this semester flying by, it's interesting to try to balance school time and gaming time (I'm addicted to Killing Floor, and Borderlands 2 came out, and yeah.)

minnie said...

@heaven-can-nail - thank you!

@Risu -- oh, that sounds really pretty! I've played Killing Floor but my friends aren't into it right now so I haven't been playing it more. I did purchase Borderlands 2 but same as Killing Floor, none of my friends are playing it (caught up in Minecraft and Dragon Nest) so I haven't played it either. There was also a brief stint with Torchlight 2, lol, but for the same reasons... haha.

Vi said...

That's so cool! Do you mind sharing your LoL summoner's name? It would be cool to play together some day

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