Friday, October 19, 2012

Kat Von D Sparklehorse

Kat Von D Sparklehorse
What IS it with me and nail polishes that take an absurd number of coats? That cheerful, glittery, warm-yellow-gold was six coats and still not opaque. Maybe it was supposed to be sheer but I'm not a fan of having my nails look sparkly and jaundiced. Nevertheless, Sparklehorse was marvelously eye-catching... even though I had terrible cuticle drag, immediate shrinkage and a very long application time, followed by an even longer dry time. At least it didn't chip quickly or anything. :P

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beachgal said...

Oh my! 6 coats! I do like the end point color however. Thinking it reminds me a bit of ChG Lighthouse which only takes 3 fast dry time coats to get to this point...sometimes only 2. Ditto on the jaundiced look - yellows are so hard for me to pull off. I can do them when they are golden and a few mustards sometimes - but never the chalky pastel ones.

Kait said...

I like it a lot! Maybe you could try a couple coats over a similarly colored/slightly lighter yellow cream? Might help with the opacity/application issues.

Natalia said...

oh oh, I think it's not for me! 6 coats is way too much! when it takes me more than too I'm already cursing :P

TikiBarbie said...

That's pretty! Too bad it took so many coats.

flinty said...

Beachgal: Yes, Lighthouse seems like a much better version of this sort of polish. And you're so lucky. I love mustards but they look the worst on my skin. It's like... MNBB... except dull and sad.

Kait: It definitely would help. I like to have polishes be able to stand on their own though. :(

Natalia: I get irritated after 3. There seem to be so few good 2 coaters!

Tiki: My thoughts exactly.

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