Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Hands: Motherboy

The moment I saw this glitter, I knew I needed it. Okay, that's kind of how it is for a lot of indie glitters, but this one and one other in this same collection, Mayonegg, had my name written all over it.

I love the pastel mix, and despite it looking bumpy, topcoat had it feeling smooth :) It's layered over OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls, which I actually wore by itself for a few days, I liked it a lot! Kind of out of place seeing as it's fall with winter coming upon us, but nothing like glitter inspiration to make a mani! I don't usually repeat polishes (I have too many to risk that) but this may see an encore in the spring :)

Happy Hands can be found on her Facebook page here and her Etsy here.

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Anna's Polish Addiction said...

This is lovely and delicate :)

TikiBarbie said...


Kristi said...

gorgeous combo, love it on you!

Kristen said...

An Arrested Development theme, how creative! And the colors are gorgeous too!

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