Wednesday, June 5, 2013

OPI black jelly sandwich

I recently scored Camouflage Colour Black in a Lust Have It! sample box - at first I was disappointed, since it's just a plain black, but then I swatched it and discovered that it was extremely sheer. Hurray! Jelly sandwich!

I started with a couple of layers of Black, then dabbed OPI, a pink/blue/purple glitter (see my original swatches of it here), and finished with an extra layer of Black.

The result reminded me of some of the indies in jelly bases floating around - I'm in love! It's made me want to collect jellies in all the colours (so 2012, I know).

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Julie said...

I love it! this dark jelly sandwich look so elegant and original, great idea!

Amelia said...


Unknown said...

I love this polish sooo much :)

Unknown said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect! The effect is awesome and I love it! This is actually a very clever work, combining those sparkles with black. Never thought of that ever since. Great job! Mind if you I kinda copycat your work coz’ I really like it! It looks sophisticated and hip nowadays. It’s totally nice!

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