Sunday, November 15, 2009

BB Couture Tropical Sunset

So here's the game I play regularly with my swatch photos:

Phase 1: take photos.
Phase 2: decide to not upload them until I get a whole bunch.
Phase 3: upload them, select the ones I want to use, crop them.
Phase 4 (usually two weeks after uploading them): regret not LABELING the photos with the names of the polishes.
Phase 5: spend hours trying to match polish pic with polish name... which is especially a challenge with 500+ polishes... and the fact that I do swap/sell somewhat regularly so by the time I get around to labeling the photos, I may not even have the polish anymore.
Phase 6: give up on ID'ing those photos and just take photos of other polishes and immediately upload and label those. Swear to myself I'll always be that vigilant.
Phase 7: Go back to old habits. Rinse, repeat.

As a result, I have about 40 unlabeled photos (in about 1000) of polishes taken awhile back but that I can't post them because I've been a slacker. Also, some were taken half a year ago when I was barely above nubbin (the last few weeks of my first year of grad school included a lot of nail biting) so they barely look like my nails. Witness:

Okay, they're a tiny bit more than nubbin. But not by much. Pretty sure I gave this polish away. FingerPaints website is a pain and a half for accurate representations of their colors. Am I ever going to figure out what this somewhat ordinary pink with gold shimmer is? Is it worth my time? And then I always get paranoid about being wrong: I don't want to say this is one polish when it might be another.

This is typical flinty-esque slacker behavior. The slacking off that happens early on inevitably extends the process of doing things later. I do this with my research too. I run analyses and fail to label my output and graphs and then have to work backwards weeks later to figure out WTF I did. Me and my sucky habits. I'd have so much more time if I just do things when I'm supposed to do them.

Anyway, the reason I went on this whole long thing is because I just went through the process of backtracking to figure out what this polish was: man, I'm inefficient! I did this swatch a month ago. Looking at the time-stamp has convinced me that this was the mystery hot pink polish (actually, hot coral pink) that I was under my Amour Rain Glitter swatch: these current photos were taken on Thursday, October 15th at 2:32pm and the Rain Glitter photos were taken on the same day at 2:37pm.

BB Couture Tropical Sunset

Like I said, hot coral pink creme. Practically neon and a little more corally than it appears in this photo. As with most BB Coutures, application was easy-breezy and the above was two coats (how dumb is it that I remember how many coats I used but I don't remember the names of the polishes?). I'd rather it as a pedi shade personally since I'm not much for neon-ish pinks on my tips (let's face it, I'm not much for neon-ish pinks anywhere) but for those who like this color family, it's a great polish.

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Evil Angel said...

You should once a week post one of your old no label swatches and see if we can figure out what it is. Ok I know my lack of a life is showing, but it's fun to try and figure out what is what! Hello my name is Andrea and I'm a dork!

gildedangel said...

I love Evil Angel's idea! It would be a lot of fun to guess the colors of your unlabeled photos!

fauxfun said...

I'm with Evil Angel on this, too.

I think the FP polish is Pink Imagination... which is similar to OPI's Princess's Rule! I hope that helps! ^.^

Danica said...

I feel you... blogging can get the better of you when you don't keep up and take care to label. I'm with everyone else - Lets make it a game! Name That Polish.

Lucy said...

Maybe you should take a closeup of the name on the polish bottle. It might jog your memory. Love BB Couture polish. Nice hot color that looks lovely on you. I can imagine this as a pedicure.

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