Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today Canada was colder than a witch's ... well, you get the picture. The sub-zero temperature was more than enough to make me wish I was back home and not here, suffering the brutal cold.  Nothing makes me angrier than looking outside to a sunless sky...except, perhaps, being outside on a sunless day in bitterly cold winds.  Boo! Boo I say!

Thankfully, the mailman was on my side and he dropped off these two "icy" numbers to brighten my day!

Nfu-Oh 54 & Nfu-Oh 38

These are my first flakie polishes ever (and my first Nfu-Ohs)....and I just can't wait to dive into them!  Now to learn to take better pictures of my nails...!

As promised, here are a couple of pictures from my trip.  If you guys are bored by these, let me know.  Til then...Happy polishing!

And don't forget about our banner contest. We've got a ton of awesome prizes to give away! 


What I'm waiting on: 8 new Konad plates from OCNailart. :)

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Vanessa said...

Droool - the #54 looks awesome, can't wait to see it swatched!
What a cute little frog ;)

Lucy said...

Oooh pretty! They are very icy-looking, looking forward to the swatches x

Krissy said...

Where abouts do you buy NFH Oh's from? I've seen them on so many blogs but I live in Australia so there arent any stockists here from what I know!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh my goodness that little froggy is so cute! I have both those np's and they are gorgeous flakies. If you have Illamasqua Phallic, 54 looks super hot over it

gildedangel said...

Those Nfu-Ohs look awesome, I can't wait to see what you do with them!

mKat said...

Krissy, I bought the Nfu-Ohs from I ordered on the 18th, they shipped on the 19th and arrived from the US (San Francisco) on the 28th. I got a box and paid for standard shipping which ran $4.00 (no tracking). Fabuloustreet sells them for $12.50 a piece. (Waaaaay more than I typically pay for polish. But I've never seen flakies like this!)

Thanks for the tip, Ange-Marie. I don't own Phallic but it may be worth looking into. :)

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