Monday, March 8, 2010

The rest of the Barielle Wildflower (Spring 2010) swatches

My first post on Barielle's Spring 2010 collection can be found here. I bought those three early from the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. About a month after that, I received the second half of the collection from Barielle to review. Definitely liked the first half better but the second half had one polish that I just unexpectedly fell for.

Barielle Blossom
It's a color we've seen a lot this season so far: pastel pink-peach creme. This is three coats and doesn't apply particularly well. In its defense, I didn't shake it up and it's been sitting around for over a month. If my stash wasn't such a mess, I'd do comparisons. But as it is now, I can't find any of my recently swatched polishes. (Drawer's jammed, actually. Yes, I'm such a winner.)

Barielle Snapdragon
Why is this called Snapdragon? (Why do I spend so much time thinking about how companies choose names for polishes?) I liked this better than I thought I would but it's still a bit of a hot, frosty streaky mess. Two coats, actually more pigmented and easier to apply than you think. But... I think I would've liked this better as a straight-up metallic. That wasn't so brushstroke-y. At least it's a pretty shade of green.

Barielle Daring Dahlia
Three coats, a bit watery and thin. Somewhere between a darkened magenta and a red-leaning purple. I've covered this before but I'm not so hot on this sort of color. So when I saw this in the bottle, I was like, "Urgh, another one of these cremes." But I was wrong! I mean, it looks mostly like a creme but it's got a gorgeous secret shimmer that is subtly stunning (...contradiction?). Wonderful in the tiny bit of sunlight that I got when swatching this but then I had to take photos of it in the lightbox... and my technique with the lightbox seems to kill shimmer. The shimmer looks like it's a very fine hot pink. I took a highly color-inaccurate photo with flash to prove that there's shimmer in here:

Close-up (with flash) of Daring Dahlia
See! Shimmer! :D The color's totally off though.

I have to give major credit to this collection for having an interesting variety of polishes (finishes, colors... really, everything) but I don't know if it hung together so terrifically. I wanted so badly to like a lot of the polishes in the collection -- especially June Bug and Myrza's Meadow (which was in the first review) -- but they didn't really live up to my expectations. :(

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Paige said...

Those are really pretty!

Rhea said...

I love the first one!

The Glitterati said...

To be "subtly stunning" is my new life goal! ;) I really like Blossom, I keep buying things in that colour family, but alas those shades don't really work on me. It sure is pretty though!

the-swatchaholic said...

Daring Dahlia looks gorgeous! :) Love Blossom too!

mKat said...

I like Daring Dahlia far better than Snapdragon. (Apples to oranges, I know).

I am so picky about what I want in a green...and I think any hint of blue puts me right off. I don't know what it is about me and green. I'm actually a blue person... Maybe it's because it's hard to find a blue I dislike but I dislike almost every green out there. :P

But seriously...that fuchsia goodness looks awesome!

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