Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pahlish: Great Wide Open

As y'all know, I love glitter, but I ESPECIALLY love rainbow glitter. Add in white and it's UH-mazing and a must have for me, haha. Today's post focuses on the wonderfulness of Pahlish: Great Wide Open.

It's a glitter topcoat polish that is predominantly white glitter with different shaped rainbow glitter scattered throughout. I put it over Zoya Wednesday (which stains TERRIBLY, by the way!) and I wore it for almost a week, I think. Which is why there's a huuuuge gap. Also, excuse the chip :(

Finals are almost upon me and it's crunch time -- this semester has flown by! I have two back to back finals, which will suck greatly, but I'll fight through them as I always do. I've signed up for next semester's classes and have looked into applying to the MBA program for next year. Life is speeding by! I remember when I was younger, waiting for that day I'd be "grown up" (I'm not even there yet!) and now I'm wishing I were back being a young teenager.

Back on point, Pahlish can be found here on her Facebook page and bought through Llarowe or her Etsy shop. Her polishes are awesome :) check them out if you haven't yet!

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Vedrana Brankovic said...

Now I won't be able to get Tom Petty out of my mind.
Good luck with your finals.

Fashion Footing said...

Wow! This is so awesome!

beachgal said...

Lovely! I also am a sucker for white glitters

Natalia said...

Oh! It looks like confetti in your nails! wonderful

Monica said...

Looks like a party on your nails!

Speaking of staining nail polish - Butter London Navy was awful! Which is a shame because the color blue is just lovely.


Freshie said...

Great polish, I am definitely drawn to the large white pieces!

Kristi said...

For some reason, this mani is making me think of marshmallows, lol! I love the combo of GWO with Wednesday. What a fun mani. I can't believe you got a week's wear o.O I never get that long out of a mani!

TikiBarbie said...

Really cute combo!

JadeyLou said...

I can't even see the chip, god bless glitter polishes like this!
Good luck with your finals :)

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